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Management of the Tongass National Forest follows the guidance of the Tongass Land Management Plan, first completed in 1979 and most recently amended in 2008. The plan incorporates an adaptive management strategy.

People throughout America and the world perceive Alaska as an extraordinary place that should be maintained at the highest standard. Our forest is unique in having no threatened or endangered species. Healthy, productive salmon populations sustain subsistence and recreational uses, as well as a commercial fishery that is vital to the economy of Alaska. Our forest ecosystems are healthy and self-sustaining within their natural ranges of variation.

Tongass National Forest - Land and Resource Management Plan Amendment

Since May 24, 2014, the Tongass National Forest has been working on a proposed amendment to the 2008 Tongass Land and Resource Management Plan (Tongass Forest Plan Amendment). The Forest Service developed five alternatives for detailed analysis in response to the significant issues, including the No Action Alternative.  Alternative 5 (Preferred Alternative) is based on the recommendations from the Tongass Advisory Committee (TAC), a formally established Federal Advisory Committee that was chartered to advise the Secretary and Chief on transitioning the Tongass National Forest to young-growth forest management. The plan amendment was complieted following the Forest Plan Five-Year Review.

Sealaska Land Entitlement Finalization

In December 2014, Congress passed legislation that finalized the remaining Sealaska allotment under ANCSA, enabling the conveyance of 18 parcels in Southeast Alaska.

Big Thorne Project Final Supplemental Information Report (SIR)

On September 30, 2013, the Regional Forester issued an appeal decision directing the Forest Supervisor to prepare a draft Supplemental Information Report (SIR) that responds to certain identified issues related to a review of new information submitted by Dr. David Person during the appeal process. The decision also directed that the draft SIR be provided to appellants and appropriate State and Federal agencies for review and comment. The comment period closed on June 23, 2014.

TIP - Tongass Integrated Plan: Managing the Tongass National Forest

Over the past year the Tongass NF has worked diligently to create a 5-year schedule of integrated forest management activities. We now share this completed (TIP) effort with you.

Young Growth Management on the Tongass

The future of timber management on the Tongass is in young growth forestry, but the transition to young growth harvest will not happen overnight. Read about the FS’s vision and goals.

Transition Framework

Learn more about this visionary initiative that include business, communities and government.

Greens Creek Mine Tailings Expansion Project

The Tongass National Forest has issued a decision to allow a limited expansion of Helca Greens Creek Mining Company’s (GCM) tailings facility in Admiralty National Monument (ANM).

Tongass National Forest Supervisor Forrest Cole selected a modified Alternative D from the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), with those modification described in the Record of Decision (ROD). The primary modification is not to authorize construction of a second tailings disposal facility in the Fowler Creek watershed as described in Alternative C and D of the Final EIS.