Land & Resources Management

 Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan)

The White River National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan 2002 Revision with associated environmental impact statement, amendments, and erratas.

Air Resource Management Plan

The purpose of this Air Resource Management Plan is to assess current air resource conditions and trends on the WRNF, identify existing and future air quality impacts to these resources, and provide guidance for future air resource monitoring and management activities on the WRNF.

Communication Site Management Plans

Management plans for selected communication sites on the White River National Forest.

National Fire Plan

The region has expanded fire assessment, suppression, and prevention programs to carry out the National Fire Plan.

Regional Bark Beetle Information

Find information and links about the bark beetles, the epidemics, the forest mortality, and resulting impacts.

GIS Data Available

Some of our more popular datasets are available here for download. Metadata is included with each file. Generally the data is in shapefile format, in a NAD83 Zone 13 projection. Go to GIS Downloads.

White River sign


Grizzly Creek in the Fall

Grizzly Creek