The Lassen National Forest is located in the north eastern part of California.
Where is this Forest?

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The Lassen National Forest lies at the heart of one of the most fascinating areas of California, called the Crossroads. Here the granite of the Sierra Nevada, the lava of the Cascades and the Modoc Plateau, and the sagebrush of the Great Basin meet and blend.

Recent News


Celebration for 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act Set for Oct. 10-12, 2014

Logo for 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act

A celebration in northern California will bring partners together to share the accomplishments in wilderness management in the 50 years since the enactment of the Wilderness Act.  This event is scheduled for next year - October 10-12, 2014.  

Participating agencies and organizations will include the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Backcountry Horsemen of California, Pacific Crest Trail Association, and more to come...  

Lassen NF OHV Grant Proposal Available for Review and Comment

Each year, the Lassen National Forest has an opportunity to submit grant applications to the California State Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (OHMVR) for consideration for funding in support of the Forest’s on-going Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) program. The Division is currently soliciting proposals for the 2014 grant cycle, and the Lassen National Forest is considering one project for submission.  Preliminary applications for 2014 projects are available for review and comment on the OHMVR Division's website, http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/.

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Secure Rural Schools (SRS) Resource Advisory Committees (RAC)

The SRS Act was reauthorized for another year and Lassen National Forest is continuing to recruit new committee members and applications will be accepted any time.

Lassen National Forest - Driving

Driving Lassen National Forest Backcountry Byway Complete Backcountry Byway Guide in PDF (Large File - 80mb) Intro Section (9mb - PDF) Sierra Nevada Section (15mb - PDF) Lands of Ishi Section (17mb...


Accessible Recreation

A lifetime pass available to citizens or permanent residents of the United States who have been medically determined to be blind or permanently disabled for purposes of receiving Federal benefits. ...

North Fork Feather River PCT Bridge Restoration Project

The North Fork Feather River PCT Bridge Restoration Project was completed in mid-August 2011.