Fire Management & Aviation

The Boise National Forest includes over 2.5 million acres of diverse forest and grassland.  Every year, the Forest fire staff manages over 100 wildland fires within those acres.

Celebrating Wildflowers all Summer!

What a special treat it is to gaze upon a meadow blanketed with colorful wildflowers! Or to find a perfect bloom underneath a towering tree while hiking a forest trail. 

The Lucky Peak Nursery Grows Seedlings for Reforestation Following Wildfires

Each year the Lucky Peak Nursery will grow between 2 and 6 million seedlings and shrubs depending on reforestation demands.

Water – A Prime Reason for the Establishment of National Forests

The Boise National Forest offers over 7,600 miles of streams and rivers and more than 250 lakes and reservoirs that beckon water sports enthusiasts to raft, kayak, fish, sail, and water ski.

US Forest Service Highlights Expansion of Restoration of National Forests

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announces a new report, Increasing the Pace of Restoration on National Forests.

National Forest Foundation Video about our Treasured Landscapes

Watch this beautiful video about the national forests and grasslands. Stewards of public lands, making a difference.

Seasons of Beautiful Changes

Seasonal slide shows of Boise NF and historical photos from the Emmett RD.

2011 Celebrates International Year of Forests

The  Boise National Forest is proud to be a part of the “International Year of the Forests.”