Coronado Recreation Fee Program Annual and Day Passes Are Now Available

Click Coronado Permits to purchase a Coronado day or annual pass. Passes for day use are available at a cost of $5.00 and annual use passes cost $20.00. Each pass purchase will be charged an additional $1.95 convenience fee. Once the transaction is complete passes may be printed from the purchaser’s home. Day Use Passes may be ordered in advance for pre-planned outings through on-line purchase, to be printed before the actual visit. On-line purchases can be made with a debit or credit card. Printing a pass does not require any special software. An added safety measure for purchasers is that if passes are misplaced they can be reprinted. Annual Passes would be re-printable at any time as long as the pass remains valid. When accessing the website, purchasers should be prepared with the license plate number(s) of vehicles they wish to purchase passes for, as they will be printed on the passes for display on the vehicles.

City of Tombstone Special Use Permit, Coronado National Forest

Equipment in use at Miller Springs

The Forest Service has authorized the City of Tombstone to repair or replace all water lines under special use permit and which were operational prior to flood damage. A list of documentation including maps and images is available.

Rosemont Copper Project

                                 Rosemont Copper Project 

Catalina-Rincon Firescape Project Update

Catalina-Rincon Firescape Update

Southwest Interagency Fire Restrictions & Closures

State, federal and local land management organizations now have a new web site available for the public to use for checking for Fire Restrictions and Closures.   


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  • Current Coronado Schedule of Proposed Actions
    The current SOPA Report contains a list of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation.
  • Forest Plan
    The current Coronado National Forest Plan was implemented in 1986.