2014 Off-Highway Vehicle Grant

Comment on the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle grant that will provide funding for Forest Service OHV and OSV patrol and education. 

US Forest Service Mobilizes to Save Cavity Birds

A program of the U.S. Forest Service and its partners to conserve birds, bats, butterflies and dragonflies, resulted in an award from Wings Across the Americas. Read more above.

International researchers mobilize against risky stowaway pests

Harmful pests could be lurking as people and products are transported between countries. Read more about how the Forest Service is working to prevent this by following the link above.

RESTORE Episode 14: Marijuana Grows and Restoration

Marijuana growing on our national forests causes significant harm to the land, water and animals. Visit the link above to watch the video.

Climate change is going 3D

Understanding the effects of global warming, especially the amount of precipitation contained in clouds, has been limited by the use of old satellite technology. Read more above. 

Forestry students vie for a free trip to Russia

The International Jr. Foresters' Competition promotes and rewards young scientists for their efforts in the environmental field. 

Forest, grasslands users now have access to digital maps

Now dealing with a map may be faster, easier and more convenient by opening your smart device and using a U.S. Forest Service digital map. Read more by visiting the link above.

RESTORE Episode 13: Fire Behavior and Ecological Restoration

By employing specially designed heat resistant camera boxes, the agency has been able to document surprising fire behavior. Visit the link above to watch the video.