Dock Removal Project Improves Scenic Quality and Fishing Experience at Fish Lake

Trash, an unauthorized dock, and associated structures were removed from Fish Lake this June.

Mt. Hood Wilderness Stewards Volunteer at Ramona Falls for National Trails Day

The Mt. Hood Wilderness Stewards organized their first trail work event of the year on the Mt. Hood National Forest in celebration of National Trails Day on Saturday, June 4.

Kids Get Outside

This video is meant to inspire parents and kids alike to get outside and have fun playing; all while helping their mind and body at the same time. This video was made to try and improve the general health of children and bring families together in the natural world.

Winter Trails: A Grand Day for a Snowshoe Adventure

This video highlights the annual Winter Trails event held at the White River Sno-Park in Oregon. Many people experience the thrill of snowshoeing for the first time at this event, where several hundred people from all over the Portland metropolitan area enjoyed the sunshine and the great opportunity to do some wintertime outdoor recreation.

Doing our Part to Protect our Public Lands

This video highlights the need for the American people who enjoy recreating on public lands to do their part to help take care of the land. Specifically, the Mt.Hood National Forest needs the help of user groups to help with cleaning up and taking care of the public land we all get to enjoy.

Firewood Cutting on the Mt. Hood National Forest

This video explains the process of obtaining a personal use firewood permit, regulations associated with cutting firewood and how to spot a suitable area to gather firewood. Use this video to get to know everything you need to properly cut your own firewood.

Mt. Hood Scenic Byway

Along the Mt. Hood National Scenic Byway including day use areas, campgrounds, and hiking trails.

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A Trip of a Lifetime: The Boy Scout Horse Camp on the Mt. Hood National Forest

This highlights the great Boy Scout Horse Camp program hosted by the Mt. Hood National Forest. Get the inside look at what the program has meant to participants, the Forest Service, and the coordinator in this video with a beautiful campground backdrop.

Fishing Clinics for Kids are a Success!

The Barlow Ranger District on the Mt. Hood National Forest kicked-off our annual fishing clinics for kids with an event held at Camp Baldwin on May 9th. The weather was beautiful and lots of fish were caught.

Clackamas Complete A Return of Bull Trout

Much of the Clackamas River is on the Mt. Hood National Forest, which provides the habitat for a huge variety of plant and animal species. Watch this stunning video on the reintroduction of bull trout. It tells the story of the efforts of fish biologists to see bull trout flourish in waters where they were eliminated over 50 years ago.

Caring for the Land: An Earth Day Clean-up Event on the Mt. Hood National Forest

This video highlights an Earth Day event sponsored by the Mt. Hood National Forest geared around cleaning up some heavily impacted recreational target shooting areas.

Exploring Mt. Hood

Accessible Adventures exploring recreation opportunities on the Mt. Hood National Forest including several day use areas, campgrounds, interpretive sites, and hiking trails.

Responsible Target Shooting: Doing it Right

This video explains why the Mt. Hood National Forest has rules on target shooting. A district ranger and a long time target shooter on public lands explain why being a responsible target shooter is so important.

A Big Fish Story: Saving Endangered Fish on the Mt. Hood National Forest

This video shows the importance of monitoring the populations of endangered fish on the Mt. Hood National Forest. The smolt trapping program highlighted in this video is just one of the many programs the Mt. Hood sponsors to ensure we have healthy fish populations long into the future.

Restored Oregon stream welcomes home threatened fish

As reported earlier this year, after nearly a century, a five-mile stretch of the Lower Oak Grove Fork of Oregon’s Clackamas River will have native fish swimming year-round in this restored stream once again. And now, eight months since more water has been flowing down the Fork, all signs are good that that’s exactly what is happening.

Students Speak: Learning about Watersheds in the Real World

The Mt. Hood National Forest partnered with several other organizations to offer over 60 high school students a chance to conduct real scientific studies in several areas in the region regarding watershed health. This video tells about the program and what participants gained from it.

Jumpstarting Fish Habitat: The Story of Still Creek

This video highlights the restoration efforts on Still Creek on Mt. Hood National Forest. Greg Wanner, the supervisory fish biologist for the Mt. Hood NF talks us through the process he and his team took to reactivate the side channels that are excellent spawning and feeding grounds for native fish.

The People's Forest: Volunteering for the Mt. Hood National Forest

This video highlights many of the opportunities for the public to volunteer on their Mt. Hood National Forest. From trail work to mountain biking crews to backcountry horsemen, this video shows that there's a volunteer opportunity to fit anybody's interest.

Junior Snow Rangers

This video highlights the US Forest Service's Junior Snow Ranger progra: a great way for kids to get involved in helping to keep their forests safe, healthy, and vibrant for everyone.

Over 600 Cords of Firewood Gathered from the Barlow Ranger District

Hundreds of people will be able to enjoy cozy fires this winter due to a partnership between Wasco County and the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Trail Volunteers Discuss the Future of Trail Work for Mt. Hood National Forest

Over a dozen trail maintenance volunteers representing seven organizations met at Cloud Cap Inn nestled in the upper foothills of Mt. Hood to discuss the future of trail work on the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Bagby Hot Springs: a great place to soak, hike, and camp

The Bagby Hot Springs and Campground are great places to visit in the Mt. Hood National Forest. From over a century now, these springs have been recreational destinations and now with Mt. Hood Recreation Service's help, the springs will be cleaner, safer, and more functional than ever!

People Put to Work Building Twenty-two Trail Bridges on Mt. Hood National Forest

Twenty-two new bridges were recently constructed on trails which serve hikers, mountain bikers. and equestrians.  The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funded the work simultaneously putting people to work.

Trash Clean-up, Fish Mitigation, Trail Maintenance and what Made it all Possible

The Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000 was enacted to provide temporary funding to help rural communities make the transition through precipitous declines in the natural-resource economy, particularly in forest-dependent communities of the West.

O Christmas Tree: Tips for Successful Christmas Tree Hunting

This video gives some great tips on how to get your permit for, pick out, cut down, and transport your Christmas tree from your Mt. Hood National Forest. Get ready to participate in this time honored activity whether it's a new family tradition you're wanting to start or an annual event.

Bull Trout Released after nearly 50 Year Absence


Several adult bull trout were released into the Clackamas River on the Mt. Hood National Forest on Thursday, June 30th culminating nearly 50 years of efforts to bring this native species back to its natural habitat. The adult trout, some measuring as large as 30 inches, were brought to the predetermined release site by truck and then were lowered into the water in coolers. The bull trout, historically, play a significant role in many of Oregon’s rivers ecosystems including the Clackamas but the last known individual was seen in 1963. A few months after this initial release, 1,000 juvenile bull trout as well as 25 additional adults and 30 sub-adults will be released.  

Good things are happening in the Sandy River Basin

The Mt. Hood National Forest occupies 2/3 of the Sandy River Basin.  As steward of the basin's headwaters, the Mt. Hood National Forest is committed to restoring and maintaining the basin's ecosystem health and aquatic habitat.

Bald Eagles on the Mt. Hood National Forest

This summer, the Rock Creek Day Use Area on the east side of the Mt. Hood National Forest will be closed to visitors through Memorial Day weekend until September 1, 2012. The closure is to protect a pair of bald eagles nesting in a large ponderosa pine tree in the middle of the picnic area. These bald eagles have returned to the same nest for the last three years.

Temporary Hiring on the Mt. Hood NF

This video gives great tips and advice on how you can land a temporary job this summer with the U.S. Forest Service.https://www.usajobs.gov/ and http://www.fs.usda.gov/mthood

How to Start and Put Out a Campfire

As the temperatures rise, fire danger increases too. Watch this video, where a fire prevention technician for the Forest Service explains how to properly start and put out a campfire, so you and your family can stay safe this summer.

There's More than one Way to Enjoy a Snow Day

The Mt. Hood National Forest partnered this year with several different agencies and businesses to bring nearly 30 students from the Washington School for the Blind to enjoy the 7th annual cross country skiing event: two days of fun in the snow for students with visual impairments.

Visit Your Pacific Northwest National Forests

Check out this great new video highlighting your National Forests!

August Events in the ZigZag Ranger District

Mt. Hood National Forest is excited to provide many great opportunities to explore your national forest during the month of August. From ranger guided hikes to star parties, there will be something going on that will undoubtedly fit the interests of just about everyone.