The Los Padres National Forest is located in the west central part of California.
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[image] Fall Color Highway 33 - Ojai Ranger District

Ojai Ranger District—Fall Color

Los Padres National Forest provides Southern California and the Bay Area with a variety of terrain, vegetation, and recreational settings. There are 1,257 miles of maintained trails which provide both day-use and extended backpacking opportunities. Much of the forest is unroaded and primitive and has 10 congressionally designated wildernesses comprising approximately 875,000 acres or about 48% of the forest. These include the Ventana, Silver Peak, Santa Lucia, Machesna, Garcia, San Rafael, Dick Smith, Sespe, Matilija and Chumash wildernesses.

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Rattesnake Relocation on the Santa Barbara Ranger District

Rattlesnake Relcation on the Santa Barbara Ranger Distsrict

On the Santa Barbara Ranger District, Rick Nielsen “Ranger Rick”, Civil Engineering Technician, is called periodically to relocate rattlesnakes. For safety, he uses tongs to avoid getting close to the snakes. This keeps him well out of striking range. They are then relocated far away where human—rattlesnake contact is minimized. Everyone wins! This rattler was discovered in the Sage Hill Campground and moved far away from campers and horses. It had ten buttons on its rattle. CLICK HERE for full article

Engaging Empolyees on the Los Padres National Forest - Climate Change

[image] Kevin Cooper, Wildlife Biologist

Employee education and engagement has the power to promote climate change preparedness and sustainable business operations across a Forest Service Unit. This month, we are featuring one of our newest Unit Climate Change Coordinators -- Kevin Cooper on the Los Padres NF (LPNF). While his title is new, his efforts are not. He has been helping with climate change efforts for more than three years and continues to assist his Forest in "getting to YES" on the Climate Change Scorecard.

On the LPNF, Kevin educates employees by emphasizing the importance of reading Climate Change & Sustainable Operations (SusOps) informational emails, attending webinars, and reviewing both the Climate Change Integration Team and Sustainable Operations Intranet Sites. Though Kevin emphasizes these resources for employees, he believes the most effective way to educate and engage people is through personal interactions. CLICK HERE for full article

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