The Ashley National Forest is located in north eastern Utah.
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Status of Forest Plan Revision work on the Ashley National Forest

From 2001 to 2009, Region 4 had six National Forests, including the Ashley National Forest, begin the forest plan revision process.  During this period, the regulations governing National Forest planning at Title 36 CFR Part 219 (“planning rule”) changed three times, in 2000, 2005, and 2008, with the applicable planning rule reverting to the 2000 rule when the court vacated the 2005 and, then, 2008 planning rules. 

Region 4 could have initiated these forest plan revisions under the transition provisions of these planning rules, which allowed revision of forest plans under the terms of the 1982 rule.  Instead, Region 4 determined that it would be preferable to proceed under the most current planning rule.  However, because of the internal and external concern about the costs and expenditure of time of trying to meet the requirements of the changing regulatory processes, in 2009 the Regional Forester halted all forest plan revision efforts in Region 4 pending a new final planning rule. 

The current planning rule was adopted in 2012.  From 2009 to the present, no National Forest in Region 4 has identified a need to revise forest plans, and any need for changes in plans has been addressed by the more focused forest plan amendment process.  Therefore, no National Forest in Region 4 has initiated the process to revise its forest plan.  The Forest Service schedule for forest plan revision includes National Forests in Region 4.  However, the start of the revision process and the order in which forest plan revisions will proceed in Region 4 are yet to be determined.  The timing and sequence of plan revisions in Region 4 will be based on a determination of need.

Prior to 2009, the Ashley NF developed a number of assessments to inform our revision effort (available through the links provided below).  These documents will be reviewed and  updated as needed when we resume revision.

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