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Evaluation and Monitoring

Thorough evaluation is key to providing high-quality conservation education programs and materials. Without evaluation, we cannot understand what was accomplished, what could be improved and what we should do in the future. Yet often, educators are challenged by the daunting task of designing, implementing and analysing a valid educational evaluation.

The Conservation Education program and its partners, have tackled these issues with two innovative resources that provide extensive capacity-building resources for evaluating conservation education programs and materials. Use these excellent resources to gain the tools, and confidence, to make evaluation a key component of all your efforts.

My Environmental Education Evaluation Resource Assistant

My Environmental Education Resource Assistant” (MEERA) is your one-stop online resource for building environmental education evaluation capacity. Led by the University of Michigan and supported by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Forest Service, MEERA represents the collective work of many agencies, educational institutions and reviewers.


Do you need help evaluating your environmental education program? You have come to the right place. “My Environmental Education Evaluation Resource Assistant” (MEERA) is an online "evaluation consultant" created to assist you with your evaluation needs. It will point you to resources that will be helpful in evaluating your environmental education program.

MEERA can help you:

  • Learn more about evaluation and its importance. 
  • Move through the evaluation process step-by-step, with tips and pitfalls to avoid. 
  • Obtain suggestions on important evaluation topics, for example, on how to find, select, and work with an external evaluator. 
  • Search through example EE evaluations and obtain detailed insights about these evaluations. 
  • Find additional evaluation resources such as “how-to” guides and links to evaluation tools. 
  • Identify and learn about related professional development opportunities.

Applied Environmental Education Program Evaluation -- an Online Course

The Applied Environmental Education Program Evaluation (AEEPE) online course was designed to help environmental educators and natural resource professionals evaluate their education programs. The course provides participants with an overview of evaluation and an opportunity to practice skills designing and using evaluation tools for environmental education and outreach programs.

NRES 751: Applied EE Program Evaluation: is available for 3 graduate level credits through UWSP. It is also available as a non-credit workshop for those not seeking college credit.