The Daniel Boone National Forest is located in central Kentucky
Where is this Forest?


Recreation Passes & Permits

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The Daniel Boone National Forest offers a variety of activities such as camping, OHV riding, boating and target shooting. Many of the facilities and services associated with these opportunities are free. However, fees are charged in certain areas to help maintain, manage and improve the facilities that we provide.

The annual recreation fee schedule describes where fees are charged and which type of pass is required at each fee site. Local vendors and forest offices sell passes which must be purchased prior to visiting sites as described in the fee schedule. Half-off discounts or fee waivers are offered on certain fees if you have an America the Beautiful Interagency Pass or a Golden Pass. Learn more about fee discounts….

There are different types of fees at forest recreation sites. Some sites are managed for the Forest Service by private companies. Fees collected at these sites are used by the company to operate the site and as general revenue.

Some fee sites are operated by the Forest Service. Approximately 80 percent of the fees collected at these sites are used to maintain the recreation facilities. Fee revenues help pay for services such as mowing, trash pick-up, toilet cleaning, security lights and other routine operations of the facilities. In addition, fee collections help us make special improvements to better meet visitor needs, such as adding floating docks at boat ramps. The remaining revenues help fund general management of the fee program. Learn more…