The Flathead National Forest is located in the northwest corner of Montana.
Where is this Forest?



Volunteer Project in the Mission Mountains Wilderness

For the past seven straight years Wilderness Volunteers has joined the Swan Lake Ranger District to perform trail maintenance and campsite rehabilitation in the Mission Mountains Wilderness. Since 2006 Wilderness Volunteers has organized volunteer trail maintenance trips into the Mission Mountains Wilderness, accomplishing miles and miles of trail reconstruction and improvement.

Wilderness Volunteers in the Mission Mountains Wilderness 2007         Wilderness Volunteers in the Mission Mountains Wilderness 2009


Led by dedicated volunteer Tom Laabs-Johnson and Swan Lake Trails Program Leader Joy Sather the crew is packed in to the Missions and camps for a week while working on trails and campsite rehabilitation projects.

Wilderness Volunteers is a nonprofit organization that organizes volunteer service in partnership with the Flathead National Forest. The Wilderness Volunteers for the Outdoors are scheduled to come this July 20th - July 26th, 2014. Their project will be in the Mission Mountains Wilderness, exact location will be determined after the snow melts. For more information go to, or call Joy Sather at (406) 837-7509.


Other Volunteering Opportunities

Depending on your skills and interests the Forest Service has many types of volunteering opportunities. Visit the Forest Service Volunteering page to find just the right one for you.