The Gifford Pinchot National Forest is located in the south central part of Washington state.
Where is this Forest?


Passes & Permits

Mt Margaret Backcountry LakesGifford Pinchot National Forest personnel seek to protect natural resource values, public health and safety and recreation facilities in a manner consistent with the Gifford Pinchot National Forest plan and resource management plans outlined in the Northwest Forest Land and resource Management Plan. In order to meet these objectives, passes or permits may be required for the occupancy and use of Forest Service land. 

Recreation Passes & Permits: In Washington and Oregon some national forest recreation sites require a day use fee.  This section includes information about where fees are charged and which passes may be used to cover these fees.

Forest Products Permits- Edible material, Decorative material, Christmas trees, Plants, Woody material (includes Firewood permit, posts and poles information).

Events and Commercial Permits- Filming, Group use, and Outfitter guide information

Special Use/Other- Permits for other items such as electrical easements, minerals, road and bridge use permits, etc. Please contact the appropriate Ranger District Office for information on other permits not listed.

Gifford Pinchot National Forest Specific Recreation Passes

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  • Wilderness Regulations/Permits- are used to monitor Wilderness use, set trail maintenance priorities, and plan work.These self issued permits are free and available at trailheads that lead into Wilderness.




Recreation User Fee Accomplishments

Ranger and Visitors

Please view our accomplishment reports to see how 95% of forest recreation fees were used to enhance your experiences. Your input is valuable. Please call 360-891-5000.