The Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests are located in the western center part of Colorado.
Where is this Forest?


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Conservation  Education



The Forest Service has a long and proud tradition of reaching out to Americans on behalf of conservation. From Smokey Bear, to Nature Watch, to Project Learning Tree, the Forest Service has worked across programs and disciplines to integrate conservation education into much of what we do. But we must do more. If we are to meet the conservation challenges of the 21st century, then we must spread environmental literacy across America, focusing first and foremost on kids.


The Climate Change Resource Center

photo of blue planet

Rising global temperatures are causing the Earth's climate patterns to change. Changes in climate that are occurring as the planet warms include seasonal and regional changes in temperature and precipitation, and increase in extreme weather events.  Visit the Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center for:

  • Climate Change Basics
  • Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis
  • Managing Forests because Carbon Matters: Integrating energy, Products and Land Management Policy
  • Tools, lectures, videos and much more…..

Looking for teaching ideas on climate change?  Check out Forests, Grasslands and Climate Change!


Check out what' s new with Conservation Education on the GMUG National Forest! 

Smokey gets a makeover! He is even more huggable.

More Kids in the Woods!
The GMUG received the only MKIW grant for Colorado in 2013. With the grant money, our partners Grand Mesa Nordic Council and the Western Interpretive Association of Colorado along with the Delta and Ouray County School Districts will be particitpating  in "Winter is Cool!"  This program will engage students in winter outdoor activities (nordic skiing/snowshoeing) and particpate in hands-on activites involving snow science, avalanche awareness, animal winter adaptations and more. Are your students interested? Contact us!