The Hiawatha National Forest is located in the northern stretch of Michigan.
Where is this Forest?


Parents & Teachers

The Hiawatha National Forest offers numerous activities and learning opportunities that help parents and teachers immerse children in nature.  We hope the info on this page will inspire you to plan a visit in the near future!  Click here to learn more about things to do with kids on the Hiawatha!


Curricula: Bring the National Forests to Your Classroom!

If you're not able to take a field trip to your closest National Forest, you can bring the FOREST to your CLASSROOM! 

Residential Learning at Clear Lake Education Center

Clear Lake Education Center is a place for youth of all ages to come and connect with their natural world through integrated educational and recreational programs. The programs offered at Clear Lake Education Center (CLEC) focus on environmental sciences, cultural history, natural resource careers, personal growth and team building.