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forest service hq building in 1933 forest service hq building in 1937 the institute building in the 1940s Tropical Forestry course graduates in 1957 at the back of the main building. the institute building in 1960 the institute building



The International Institute of Tropical Forestry (the Institute) is a tropical forestry research and technology transfer institute. Located in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, it has a long and productive history. Created in 1939, in cooperation with the University of Puerto Rico, the Institute has been a leader in tropical forestry research, technology transfer and technical assistance throughout the world and we are celebrating our 75th anniversary in 2014.

Because of the high diversity of tropical landscapes and the multicultural and multilingual user base, Institute employees must have specialized knowledge and skills in many fields. Our assets include an exceptional cadre of bilingual and trilingual scientists, natural resources managers, professionals, technicians, state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, experimental research forests, an excellent tropical forestry library; a long tradition of collaborations; and constituents who are highly supportive of our mission and programs.

About Us

People - Directory of the Institute's personnel.

employee photo outside the institute taken in 1995The Institute’s personnel include scientists, technicians, program managers, and administrative personnel whose dedication and hard work make the institute a world class research center.


The history of the Institute headquarters and the July 2012 inauguration.

Chief Tom Tidwell speaking at the institute

A summary of the historic International Institute of Tropical Forestry headquarters and the inauguration, with the assistance of the U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell, of the newly renovated building in July, 2012.

The Institute's Facilities

Librarian Gisel Reyes reading a book

An overview of the Institutes facilities, including the Headquarters building, the Forest Service National Library, the Chemistry Laboratory, other general facilities and the Sabana Field Research Station.