The Idaho Panhandle National Forests are located in the northern part of Idaho.
Where is this Forest?



Each national forest and grassland is governed by a Land Management Plan (Forest Plan) in accordance with the National Forest Management Act (NFMA). Forest Plans set desired conditions, standards, and guidelines for management, protection and use of the Forest.  Monitoring conditions on the Forest ensures projects are done in accordance with plan direction, and determines effects that might require a change in the Forest Plan.

The most recent Idaho Panhandle National Forests Land Management Plan was adopted January 5, 2015. The previous plan, adopted in 1987, was superceded by the 2015 plan beginning February 17, 2015.

National Forest and Resource Management Planning is performed in compliance with a number of legal mandates. Two important laws related to National Forest planning are the Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act of 1974 (RPA) and the National Forest Management Act of 1976 (NFMA) which amended RPA. The specific rules that govern the forest planning process are published in the Code of Federal Regulations.


The Record of Decision, revised Forest Plan, and Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) are available below.  Please folow the link below for the final documents, maps and all supporting documentation.

2015 IPNF Forest Plan documents and maps.



(Superceded by the 2015 Forest Plan found above beginning February 16, 2015)


The 1987 Forest Plan required that a Monitoring and Evaluation Report be completed each year. The purpose of this report is to determine how the IPNF is doing in meeting the goals outlined in the Forest Plan. Monitoring reports for the last five years are maintained on this website.