Phase of Planning



Scoping under 1982 Planning Rule

April 30, 2002

Notice of Intent published in Federal Register

March 2003

Completed Analysis of the Management Situation (AMS)

May 2002 – May 2004

Public scoping, included Open Houses, Public meetings and Workgroup Sessions. Continued government-to-government consultation and meetings with state and other federal agencies

Transition to 2005 Planning Rule

May 12, 2005

Regional Forester Decision to adopt the 2005 Planning Rule

Work with the public to discuss and refine our ProposedLand Management Plans

July – August 31, 2005

Collaborative workgroup meetings to understand the planning process under the 2005 Planning Rule and validate and discuss possible changes to the Starting Option proposal

October, 2005

Proposed Land Management Plan Maps released to the public

Proposed Land Management Plans 120-Day Comment Period 

May 12, 2006

Released Proposed Land Management Plans; began 120-day Comment Period
May 12 - September 11, 2006 (Original comment period extended 30 days)

2005 Planning Rule Enjoined

March 30, 2007

U.S. District court for the Northern District of California enjoined the Forest Service from utilizing and implementing the 2005 Planning Rule. All activity for KIPZ ceased at this point

DEIS for new Planning Rule Released

August 23, 2007

The DEIS for a new Planning Rule was released with a public comment period

FEIS for the 2008 Planning Rule Released

February 7, 2008

The FEIS was released for the 2008 Planning Rule with Alternative “M” as the preferred alternative

Work Commences on KIPZ Land Management Plans

Spring 2009

Work is resumed under the 2008 Planning Rule.

2008 Planning Rule Enjoined

June 2009

U.S. District court for the Northern District of California enjoined the Forest Service from utilizing and implementing the 2008 Planning Rule. All activity for KIPZ ceased at this point.

Work Again Proceeds on KIPZ Land Management Plans  

March 2010

Notice of Intent is published in Federal Register March 10, 2010 to proceed with land management planning utilizing the 2000 Planning Rule, as amended to the 1982 regulations

Draft Plans and Draft EIS Released

January 2012

The KNF and IPNFs released their respective Draft Plan and Draft EIS for a 90-day Public Comment Period

Comment Period on Draft Plans and DEISs Extended

March 2012

The KNF and IPNFs extended the comment period from April 5, 2012 to May 7, 2012

Draft Records of Decision, Revised Plans, and Final EISs Released for Pre-decisional Review 

September 2013

The KNF and IPNF are using a Pre-decisional Administrative Review Process, also known as an “objection process.” The objection filing period for the revised plan ended November 26, 2013. For a list of objections received, a listing of designated "interested persons," and information about the objection resolution meeting held on April 30, 2014 please visit the respective Forest’s Objections to the Revised Forest Plan webpages.

Reviewing Official's Respone to Objections Issued

September 2014

On September 8, 2014 the reviewing officer issued the response to objections, which includes direction to the Northern Rockies Regional Forester (deciding official). The reviewing officer’s response to objections is the final decision by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on the objections. Full text of the response is available in the Reviewing Officer’s Response to Objections. The Forest Service is currently working to implement the reviewing officer’s directions and expects to sign the final Record of Decision for the forest plan revision this winter if the additional work indicates the forest does not need to go back out to the public.

Regional Forester Signs Final Record of Decisions January 2015 On January 5, 2015, the regional forester signed the final record of decision for the Kootenai and Idaho National Forest final environmental impact statements and 2015 Forest Plans.

Key Contacts

Kootenai National Forest

Timory Peel

Idaho Panhandle National Forests

Nancy Kertis