The Klamath National Forest is located in the northwestern part of California.
Where is this Forest?




A forest service employee takes a moment to enjoy the view of the Klamath National Forest.For almost a century, since 1905, USDA Forest Service employees have been on the front line of conservation, intelligent resource utilization, and wildland management. Today, there is more excitement, greater challenge, and more career variety than ever before available to people who join the Nation's premier forest management agency. Managing 51 thousand square miles of the most magnificent lands in our nation is a great responsibility. Managing it in ways that are most effective for the land, water, air, wildlife, and people of America is our mission.

The USDA Forest Service is constantly moving forward. Our fundamental responsibility is still sound and scientific focus on stewardship and sustainability of the land, water and communities, but how that is delivered to the public is changing. Exciting advances in science and technology, communications, national and global priorities, and public expectations are opening new vistas for Forest Service employees.

Much of our work today involves collaboration with other Federal and State agencies, local communities, private and tribal landowners, university research centers, and international organizations.

We are a nationwide organization of more than 30,000 people engaged in hundreds of specific occupations, including Foresters, Biologists, Engineers, Teachers, Firefighters, Accountants, Computer Specialists, Law Enforcement, Public Affairs Specialists, Recreation Specialists, Geographic Information Specialists, and more. Most Forest Service employees focus on managing and improving our Nation's forests and grasslands. Some employees focus on Forest and Range research, others focus on human resource development in Job Corps Centers, and others focus on state and private forestry coordination. This may sound simple, but it's not. It takes men and women in several hundred disciplines working in coordinated teamwork nationwide.

To keep our employees at the top of their profession, we provide world-class training supported by the latest technologies. Career development is ensured through continuing training and career-related education opportunities, both within our organization and through external educational institutions.

To explore our employment site, click here. You'll discover not only currently available permanent and temporary positions, but also major Forest Service career fields and what it means to be part of our organization and our ongoing efforts to Care for the Land and Serve People.


The US Forest Service has implemented an application program for nationwide centralized recruitment notices. Applicants can apply online at For current Forest Service opportunities in California, go to USAJOBS; options on this page will help you to narrow your search before selecting submit.


The Forest Service also has many opportunities for part-time and temporary employment. Visit our Nationwide Temporary Employment Site.


Nationwide Fire Employment information can be found on the Nationwide Fire Hire web site.


Like most federal workers, US Forest Service employees are paid on the General Schedule (GS) pay plan.  Jobs listed on show the range of salary for each job.


Forest Service employees enjoy a flexible range of benefits in working for the federal government including vacation, sick leave, holidays, medical insurance and possibly dental and vision insurance.