The Lewis & Clark National Forest is located in the center of Montana.
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Maps & Publications


The Lewis and Clark National Forest produces a variety of map products, including Forest Visitor Maps, Recreation Opportunity Maps, Summer and Winter Motor Vehicle Use Maps, and special area maps.  On this page you will find information on how to purchase, download and print, or otherwise obtain these maps.

"A Guide To Your National Forests" (PDF, 5mb) is a map showing locations of National Forests and Grasslands nation-wide. The free brochure, also available from National Forest offices includes contact information for Forests and Grasslands around the nation.


Snowmobile Travel Plan Maps (OSMVUM)

Snowmobilers Eating Lunch at Ant Park

These maps are gray-scale, letter-sized printable Over-the-Snow Motor Vehicle Use Maps. 

These maps have a limited purpose. They show the prohibitions and open areas for use of over-snow vehicles on the Lewis and Clark National Forest pursuant to 36 CFR 212.81. They show established snowmobile routes as well as routes that are open to snowmobiles in areas closed to cross-country snowmobile travel. For detailed information about motorized routes for wheeled vehicles, see the Motor Vehicle Use Maps, which show roads to access snowmobile areas that are open to highway vehicles during certain seasons.

Motor Vehicle Use Maps (Summer Travel)

OHV Photo with motorcycle and ATV

In 2008, The Lewis and Clark National Forest published a Motor Vehicle Use Map for all of its lands as per the Travel Management Final Rule (36 CFR 261.2).

The MVUM displays Forest roads and trails open to motor vehicles and when they are open. If a route is not shown on the MVUM, it is not open to public motor vehicle travel. Some routes may not be signed on the ground, and it is the user's responsibility to refer to the MVUM and ensure they are on an open route. The MVUM will be updated to reflect any changes in route status, and to correct errors. Special orders may be issued at any time that temporarily close routes for reasons such as safety concerns, resource damage, or fire. The MVUM is best used with a more detailed map, for sale at the National Forest Store or USGS.

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Forest Visitor Maps

Visitor maps provide information on attractions, facilities, services and opportunities.

Recent Travel Plans

Find the Records of Decision for the Little Belt, Castle & Crazy Mountains and the Rocky Mountain Travel Plans here.


Map Basics

Graphic showing a section that has been divided into protracted blocks, according to the PLSS

Do you have a question about maps or map reading? Check this page!  It is in development, so check back often!


Our brochure selection  includes pamphlets on campgrounds, trails, scenic drives, forest products and more.

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