The Nez Perce National Forest is located in the northern center of Idaho.
Where is this Forest?



Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Forest publishes a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) four times a year - January, April, July and October. The SOPA provides project, status, and contact information for proposed projects on the forest.

View Nez Perce-Clearwater NFs SOPA reports in PDF or HTM formats

Small NEPA Projects (Categorical Exclusions)       

The Nez Perce-Clearwater NFs uses the term “Small NEPA” to refer to proposed projects that qualify for certain Categorical Exclusion categories (see FS Handbook link below). The Scoping Letter below lists multiple projects in order to more efficiently notify the public, and each project will follow NEPA guidelines with its own signed Decision Memo, if appropriate. To comment on any project, please follow the guidelines within the Scoping Letter. For specifics on individual projects, please contact the project proponent listed with each project.

Forest Service Handbook - Categorical Exclusions

Small NEPA Scoping Letter (05/27/2016)

Pre-Decisional Objection Responses

Objections are written documents submitted by an individual or organization seeking a pre-decisional administrative review of a proposed hazardous fuel reduction project authorized by the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 (HFRA). The public may file objections after an environmental assessment or final environmental impact statement is completed and before a decision document is signed for a project under HFRA. The following links provide access to objection responses related to the Nez Perce and Clearwater National Forests:

Objection Responses for the Nez Perce-Clearwater NFs