The Olympic National Forest is located in the northwestern corner of Washington state.
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Welcome to Olympic National Forest 

Fisher being released into the wild October 2010. Camp Parsons Wilderness 50 Photo contest 1st place winner, Austin Ulfers, receives his award for his photo of Buckhorn Wilderness. A group of 4H teenagers backpack the Buckhorn Wilderness.Alex Weinberg enjoying fall colors at Mildred Lakes.


Olympic National Forest encompasses the varied landscape of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula from lush rain forests to deep canyons to high mountain ridges to ocean beaches. This diverse and scenic forest reaches the mid elevations of the Olympic Mountains, surrounding Olympic National Park.

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Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range Environmental Analysis


Return of the Fisher King

Photo of a Fisher by Betsy Howell.

Once upon a time there was an elusive creature that roamed the Olympic forests at night. A creature as elusive as its name, it’s been called black cat, fisher cat, pecan, pequam, wejack, and woods-otter...

What is Wilderness? A series celebrating 50 years of Wilderness.

Alex Weinburg on Wilderness trail.

Join Alex Weinberg, Olympic National Forest Recreation Specialist, as he ponders the wild.

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Identifying a Sustainable Roads System.

A road damaged by a slide.

We are conducting  an analysis to identify the minimum road system needed on the Forest. Thank you for your input!


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