The Plumas National Forest is located in the northeastern part of California.
Where is this Forest?

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Situated in the Sierra Nevada, just south of the Cascade Range, the Plumas is versatile in its land features, uncrowded, and enhanced by a pleasant climate. Outdoor enthusiasts are attracted year round to its many streams and lakes, beautiful deep canyons, rich mountain valleys, meadows, and lofty peaks. Come and enjoy your national forests!

Recent News


Plumas NF welcomes new employees

Barbara Drake

The Plumas National Forest is proud to welcome a number of new employees to our supervisor’s office and ranger districts this summer.

Prescribed Burns Vital to Forest Health

firefighter walks in woods

Plumas National Forest Prescribed Fire Program Management Officer Ryan Bauer is no stranger to fire—he’s had 21 seasons of experience fighting it. Sometimes, that means fighting fire with fire. While prescribed burns tend to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire, prevention isn’t the only reason they’re used, or even the primary reason.

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The Search for French’s Hotel

Woman digs

During July 2016 twenty-five volunteers worked with Plumas National Forest archaeologists to help relocate and excavate French’s Hotel, a historic site from the Gold Rush era.

Artistic Students Design Fire Prevention Posters

Child stands by poster

With paint-smeared but smiling faces, students cooperated with each other to design the next batch of roadside signs educating motorists about fire prevention.


Field Days Prep Students, Volunteers to Fight Fire

students cut line

Local high school students alongside volunteer firefighters met near Portola and Quincy for three field days that gave them the chance to experience a day in the life of a firefighter.

PNF Firefighters Drill to Maintain Readiness

truck idles

Seasoned firefighters and new recruits alike met recently at two training courses: Wildland Fire Training and the Region 5 North Zone Engine Academy.

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