State, Private & Community Forests

State and Private Forestry and Tribal Relations

Map of the Rocky Mountain Region, divided up into service center stations.The Rocky Mountain Region of the USDA Forest Service manages more than 40 million acres in five states (Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming.) Eleven National Forests & Grasslands manage lands that are home to a magnificent diversity of resources and cultures. Western and eastern forests meet here, and the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming serve as the headwaters of seven major river systems. In recent years insects, disease, wildfires, floods, and urban development have changed the landscape. This created numerous opportunities to work with our neighbors, in partnership, to promote restoration and resiliency that benefit ecosystems and communities.

The State and Private Forestry and Tribal Relations (SPFTR) organization is the regional leader in providing technical and financial assistance to landowners and resource managers to help sustain the region’s forests and protect communities and the environment from wildland fires. Through cost-effective, non-regulatory partnerships Cooperative Forestry and conservation programs bring forest management assistance to a variety of landowners, including small woodlot, tribal, state, and federal.


State and Private Forestry and Tribal Relations

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USDA Forest Service, 740 Simms Street, Golden, CO  80401




State and Private Forestry
and Tribal Relations

Harris Maceo
 Acting Director


Forest Health Protection

Roy Mask
Assistant Director


Biomass Utilization

Biomass Coordinator


Assistance Programs

Jeanna Leurck
Program Manager


Tribal Relations

Susan Johnson
Program Manager


Urban and Community Forestry Programs

Dana Coelho
Program Manager


Water Partnerships and
Forest Legacy Programs

Claire Harper
Program Manager


Grant Forms

State Forestry ProgramsThe forms and instructions are made available here in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).

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