Insects & Diseases

Large Aspen Tortrix

Larva of large aspen tortrix.

2013 Forest Health Annual Aerial Survey Highlights

Link to the 2013 Forest Health Aerial Survey highlights, maps, and press release information.

Rocky Mountain Region - Bark Beetle Information

Link to the Regional Bark Beetle incident website.  Learn more about the current epidemic, bark beetle management, and safety.


Field Guide to Diseases & Insects of the Rocky Mountain Region

This field guide is a forest management tool for field identification of biotic and abiotic agents that damage native trees in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Written descriptions, color photographs, a general index, an index by host tree species, descriptive tables, and line drawings are all provided to assist users in identifying damaging agents.

Specific Disease & Insect PDFs

Image of 2 pager (small)

View and download .PDFs for specific diseases and insects from the handbook.
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Mountain Pine Beetle

Image of an adult mountain pine beetle

Aggressive bark beetle of western pines

Spruce Beetle

Spruce Beetle on the Rio Grande National Forest

Windthrown trees can set up outbreaks


White Pine Blister Rust

White pine blister rust stem canker sporulating on limber pine.

Non-native, invasive rust of five-needle pines

Sudden Aspen Decline (SAD)

Image of Sudden Aspen Decline, near Terror Creek, Colorado

Incited by unusually warm drought