Invasive Species

Invasive species are one of the significant problems facing our National Forests, Grasslands, and surrounding areas. Despite the hard work of many individuals, established exotic species populations are gradually increasing. We are striving to ensure the long-term health of National Forest System lands by employing prevention practices, early detection, and rapid response techniques.


Learn About Invasive Plants

Image of yellow toadflax flowering

Which invasive plants or "noxious weeds" are important in the Rocky Mountain Region – what do they look like and how are they best managed?

Learn About Non-Plant Invaders

image of a zebra mussel

Invasive species include more than "just weeds." Learn about aquatic nuisance species and other threats to our Forests and their lakes and streams.


Strategies and Plans

Image of Purple Loosestrife flowers

Strategies and plans about invasive species for the Rocky Mountain Region.

Weed Free Forage

Image of a horse in a field

Horse users can reduce the spread of exotic weeds in national forests and grasslands by using weed free forage.