State, Private & Community Forests

Photo: Man working cutting lumber.The Region's State and Private Forestry mission area provides professional, technical and support personnel cooperatively working with state forestry agencies and others in the delivery of a variety of programs designed to promote and support resource management and conservation in rural and urban areas.

Team members offer a wide range of knowledge and skills to help state forestry agencies and other partners in their program efforts. In addition, the team works with and can call upon assistance from a wealth of other resources available through the Rocky Mountain Research Station, the National Forest System and numerous other Federal and non-Federal partners.

New Mexico Forest Restoration Principles

The New Mexico Biomass Evaluation Task Force announced the publication of 18 principles for the design and implementaiton of forest restoration projects that would produce small-diameter wood used to fuel biomass power plants and other wood utilizing facilities. The task force, comprised of 13 organizations, created these principles to reduce conflict and legal challenges for forest havesting projects in New Mexico. PDF (68kb)


Cooperative Forestry

Cooperative Forestry provides technical and financial assistance to help rural and urban citizens, including private landowners, care for forests and sustain the communities where they live, work and play.

Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP)

The Community Forest Restoration Act of 2000 (Title VI, Public Law 106-393) established a cooperative forest restoration program in New Mexico to provide cost-share grants to stakeholders for forest restoration projects on public land to be designed through a collaborative process (the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program).


  • Arizona Statewide Assessment & Resource Strategy OffSite Link

    The Assessment and Strategy documents linked on this page address conservation priorities for private forests and can be used by a wide range of individuals, agencies, and organizations.  They also provide the basis of future work in Arizona to address forest resource issues.

  • New Mexico Statewide Resource Assessment OffSite Link

    This New Mexico Statewide Resources Assessment, Strategy and Response Plan intends to guide long-term Division management, but as importantly, to provide useful information to our many partners who work together to create and maintain sustainable forests and their many benefits.