Forest Products Permits

Firewood Cutting

Firewood cutting in your national forests has been a tradition for thousands of New Mexicans for hundreds of years. Firewood has been an economic mainstay, a regional necessity, and a quickly-adopted hobby in recent years. For specific information about the kinds of wood, costs and permits, contact the district office. Information is available by telephone.

Load Measurement

Procedure for determining firewood capacity of a pickup or trailer:

  1. Measure the pickup box width (W) to the nearest 1 foot.
  2. Measure the pickup box length (L) to the nearest 1 foot.
  3. Measure the height of actual or anticipated load* (H) to the nearest 1 foot.
  4. Multiply WxLxH to determine cubic foot capacity of truck box or trailer box.
  5. Divide the capacity figure above by 128 (the cubic feet per cord) to determine the capacity of your truck or trailer in cords.


W = 4 feet; L = 6 feet; H = 3 feet (no side racks)
4x6x3 = 72 cubic foot capacity
72 cubic feet ÷ 128 cubic feet per cord = .56 cords or about ½ cord.

*Anticipated load capacity: trucks or trailers without side racks are generally loaded only a foot or so above the top of the truck box or trailer. Side racks allow for loading to the top of the rack or slightly higher, provided the suspension of the truck or trailer can support the weight.

Note: conditions and availability of wood changes daily. We recommend you contact the district office for the area you are interested in before you buy your permit. This may save you a wasted trip as weather conditions may affect some areas' accessibility.


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