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  • To facilitate stewardship, protection, and management of forested ecosystems by promoting forest health to federal, state, and private resource partners and customers in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, western Wyoming, and North and South Dakota.

  • To help people understand the effects various agents have on their forests, the alternatives they have to influence those effects, and ways that treatments can be integrated to meet multiple objectives. 

Region 1 and Region 4 FHP Strategic Plan 2015-2019 NEW


  • Forest Health Monitoring and Assessment
  • Forest Insect and Disease Services
  • Non-native Species or Invasive Species Management
  • Forest Health Education
  • Pesticide Use and Coordination


Forest Health Portal Mapping and Reporting

View insect and disease information and survey results through our new national portal.

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Forest Health Protection icon We work in partnerships to prevent, suppress and slow the spread of native and nonnative forest insects and pathogens affecting state, private and federal wildland forests.


REVISED Using MCH to Protect Trees and Stands from Douglas-Fir Beetle

Paper briefly describes anti-aggregation pheromone(MCH) and how to use the material to protect live trees from infestations.

Insect and Disease Field Guides

Field Guide for Aspen Damages

NEW  Field Guide to Insect and Diseases of Quaking Aspen


State Forest Health Highlights

Each state provides a yearly snapshot of the forest health issues and concerns.