Tribal Relations

 Tribal Government Relations

This relationship exist to assist forest service officials to:

  • Fulfill the unique relationship and obligation the United States Government has with federally recognized Indian tribes
  • Assist in the development and implementation of Forest Service interests in establishing a mutual and beneficial partnership with our American Indian neighbors
  • Provide opportunities for partnership building with tribes to facilitate economic development assistance through State & Private Programs

The goals of this relationship is to:

  • Maintain a governmental relationship with federally acknowledged tribal governments
  • Implement our programs and activities honoring and fulfilling legally mandated trust responsibilities on National Forest System lands
  • Administer programs and activities to address and be sensitive to traditional Indian religious beliefs and practices
  • Provide research, transfer or technology, and technical assistance to tribal governments

This can be accomplished in three primary areas:

  • Education/Training - Developing and presenting training on Forest Service responsibility in the federal and tribal relationship such as treaty workshops and in protocol/consultation with Tribal Governments.
  • Research - Assistance can be provided in researching tribal claims or positions; historical Indian claims or requests regarding National Forest lands; and to better understand current issues and policies.
  • Technical Support and Advise - Tribal relations Program Managers can help Line and Staff Officers better understand current events and emerging issues; and provide advice regarding official correspondence with tribes, political relationships between tribal governments, in drafting planning documents, and when creating MOU's or MOA's with tribes.

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