R5 Fire Management

To provide the public and the wildland fire community with information on various fire management program activities. This page includes elements pertaining to fuels and fire ecology, fire use, firefighter training, safety, technology, terminology, and other wildland fire information.

  • Fire Cooperator Agreements / Programs »
    Houses the California Master Cooperative Wildland Fire Managment and Stafford act Response Agreement with Supplements and Modifications along with the California Fire Assistance Agreement.
  • Incident Business Practices »
    This web area is a collection of business items of interest and provides links to sites with additional information. It contains Local Coop Fire Agreements and Annual Operating Plans as well as Cost Share Agreements.
  • Incident Procurement »
    Incident Procurement is designed to share Incident Contracting information within the Pacific Southwest Region.
  • Fuels, Fire Ecology & Smoke Management »
    This Fire Management program area is dedicated to protecting, restoring and enhancing the ecosystems of the Pacific Southwest through the use of fire and mechanical treatments.
  • Pacific Southwest Region's Fire and Aviation Management Strategic Plan »
    Planning document for the Pacific Southwest Region 5, Fire and Aviation Management to operate as Wildland Fire and Aviation Management Leaders, while safely sustaining, protecting and restoring ecosystems.
  • Project Activity Level (PAL) »
    PAL is a decision support tool designed to help fire and timber resource managers establish the level of industrial precaution for the following day.
  • Fire Safety and Risk Management »
    Information to promote the safety and welfare of all firefighting personnel.
  • Training »
    Information regarding Regional and National Fire and Aviation training.
  • Wildland Fire Training and Conference Center (WFTC) »
    WFTC provides classroom and meeting facilities for agency and public non-commercial functions.
  • Wildland Fire Decision Support Systems (WFDSS) »
    A system of accepted models for risk-informed decision making in support of wildland fires.
  • Wildland Fire Terminology »
The Agreements & Annual Operating Plans are for emergency fire incidents and are not 508 compliant.

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