Geospatial Data

The Pacific Southwest Region has geospatial datasets available for download from this website. These datasets are zipped personal or file geodatabases* created using ESRI ArcGis 10.0 software. Additional descriptive information as well as data steward contact information, for each geodatabase, can be found under the metadata link. These metadata files meet the Federal Geospatial Data Committee standards for structure and content.

Disclaimer:  The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, has prepared this geospatial information. By taking receipt of these files via electronic file transfer methods, you understand that the data stored on this media is in draft condition. Represented features may not be in an accurate geographic location. The Forest Service makes no expressed or implied warranty, including warranty of merchantability and fitness, with respect to the character, function, or capabilities of the data or their appropriateness for any user's purposes. The Forest Service reserves the right to correct, update, modify, or replace this geospatial information without notification. For more information, contact the Regional Geospatial Data Manager, (707) 562-9106.

* Freeware, like 7-Zip, for decompressing (unzipping) the geodatabases can be found by utilizing a search engine; as can freeware, like ArcGis Explorer Desktop, for viewing the geospatial data. Reference to these programs does not serve as an endorsement by the USDA Forest Service for a specific product.


State Level Datasets

Existing Vegetation, Fire History, Fire Return Interval Departure, Direct Protection Areas, and other California extent data sets.

Forest Planning & Monitoring Datasets

Land Manangement Plans, including the Draft Early Adopters (Inyo, Sierra and Sequia National Forests)


Region Level Datasets

Forest Activities (FACTS), Vegetation Burn Severity, Allotments and other Regional extent datasets.

Forest Datasets

Transportation and land suitability class data are available.

Key Contacts

Questions about the data? Please contact the individual listed in the dataset's metadata under primary contact or metadata contact.

Questions about where to find a data set, issues with this webpage, concerns or suggestions, please contact the  Geospatial Data Manager.