History & Culture

A historic photo from 1912.

Maxwell runabout owned by Assistant Ranger Farley was often used to go to fires on the Sierra National Forest

After years of overuse and degradation of western lands, President Cleveland, in 1897, proclaimed 13 new forest reserves, known as the "Washington's Birthday Reserves." Two of these reserves were located in California; the San Jacinto and Stanislaus.

In 1907, the name was changed to "National Forests."

Wood, water, forage and recreation on these lands became open for "wise" use to be managed for future generations.

The Pacific Southwest Region now administers 20,000,000 acres on 18 National Forests.


National Heritage Program

The Forest Service is committed to protecting the cultural resources on the national forests and grasslands and making them accessible for the public to appreciate and enjoy.


How The California National Forests Were Named

The naming of the National Forests in California.

California Forest Reserves Establishment Dates

Forest Reserves were to ensure proper management practices.


Region 5 National Forest Establishment Dates

When each of the National Forests in California was established.

Pacific Southwest Region Regional Foresters

A list of the Regional Foresters since 1908.