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With wilderness visitation and impacts increasing, the Forest Service relies on volunteers to help us protect and manage our wilderness areas. Training and skill development are a critical part of our commitment to wilderness stewardship and our many dedicated volunteers. That's why the Forest Service and the Mt. Adams Institute have partnered to offer training modules where volunteers and partners gather with agency personnel to build skills, network, share ideas, and build community. We offer three training modules: 

Wilderness Skills Introduction
Intended for volunteers new to the Forest Service and wilderness. This course provides an agency overview, introduction to the Wilderness Act of 1964, and a suite of necessary technical skills such as map and compass training.

Wilderness Stewardship Monitoring and Advanced Visitor Contact 
Meant for established volunteers seeking to develop skills in recreation site survey and public education skills.

Wilderness Restoration 
Geared toward more experienced volunteers seeking to develop skills related to restoration methods appropriate for wilderness.

Training modules are led by experienced wilderness rangers from Pacific Northwest forests. After a successful first year, we are hoping to develop and expand this training into the future. We hope you'll join us! 

Click here to download the Wilderness Stewardship Training application. 

2016 Wilderness Stewardship Skills Training