Resource Advisory Committees

Nominations are Now Being Accepted for the Southern Region
Recreation Resource Advisory Committee (RRAC)

The USDA Forest Service is seeking nominations to fill 11 positions on the Southern Region Recreation Resource Advisory Committee (Recreation RAC).  
The Southern Region Recreation RAC is a Federal Advisory Committee
The Recreation RAC will provide recommendations on fee proposals on federal lands managed by the Forest Service in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Puerto Rico.
Potential nominees must represent certain Forest-related recreation interests as described in the December 2004 Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act:  

Category 1 - Five people who represent recreation users and that include, as appropriate, camping, wildlife viewing/visiting interpretive sites, motorized recreation, non-motorized recreation, hunting and fishing.
Category 2 - Three people who represent, as appropriate, two outfitters and guides (two members) and local environmental groups.
Category 3 - Three people who are: (1) a state tourism official representing the state, (2) a representative of affected Indian Tribes, and (3) a representative of affected local government interests.


The last Southern Region RRAC was appointed in 2011 and served for three years until members’ terms expired on March 14, 2014.  New appointments are expected to begin summer 2016. 


Nominations for these positions will be accepted now through Thursday, December 31, 2015.


1.  Read the R8 RAC Frequently Asked Questions and the R8 RAC Roles and Duties documents to determine if you or your nominee is willing to commit to the Recreation RAC.

2.  Write a narrative statement on each Nominee Evaluation Criteria

Nominee Evaluation Criteria - Please use narrative statements to show how your background and experience meets each of the following criteria: 

  • Identify what interest group you represent and how you are qualified to represent that group. 
  • State why you want to serve on the committee and what you can contribute.
  • Show your past experience in working successfully as part of a collaborative group.

3.  Complete the Background Information Form (AD-755)

This form is required for selection to advisory councils and will be used to conduct a background clearance.

Two versions of  Form AD-755 are included:

  • MS Word
    This document in rich text format (.rtf). Using this version will allow you to fill it out using your word processing program.
  • Adobe Acrobat
    This is a .pdf. You will need Acrobat Reader to open. Using this version may require that you fill the form in by hand. 

‚ÄčInstructions for the AD-755:

  • Please fill out all information in items #1-6, including Social Security Number and date of birth.
  • Item #7 is voluntary and optional.
  • Please fill out items #8 & #9.
  • Please fill out items #11-#19 as applicable.
  • Please fill out item #14. Even though we have a separate "evaluation criteria" that asks this question, it must also be answered on this form. Thank you.
  • Please put NA (not applicable) in items #10, #10a, & #19.
  • Be sure to sign and date the form.

4. Letters of recommendation will be accepted, but are not required.

5. Turn all of your information in to Caroline Mitchell, Southern Region Recreation RAC Coordinator, Ouachita National Forest, P.O. Box 1270, Hot Springs, AR 71902 by December 31, 2015.

6. Selections will be made upon review of the application packets, approval by the Secretary of Agriculture or designee and completion of background clearances.

Questions can be submitted to or can be directed to Caroline Mitchell, RAC Coordinator, at 501-321-5318 or Alison Koopman, Regional Developed Sites Program Leader, at 404-347-2769.  


Previous RRAC Meetings:

Date: February 26-27, 2014
Location: Decatur GA

Date: April 10, 2012
Location: Online via teleconference

Date: September 25, 2008
Location: Harrisonburg, VA

Date: February 20, 2008
Location: Atlanta, GA

Date: September 26-27, 2007
Location: Fletcher, NC (Asheville area)

Date: April 9-11, 2007
Location: Atlanta, GA

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