The Sequoia National Forest is located in the eastern center of California.
Where is this Forest?


Passes & Permits

Recreation Passes and Campfire Permits

Information for Annual, Senior, Access, Volunteer, and the Southern Sierra Passes for 2016. Information is also available for Campfire Permits, River Permits, and Wilderness Permits.

Forest Products Permits

Information for Firewood Cutting permits. Permits are needed when firewood will be cut and taken off the forest. Wood collected for campfires while camping on the forest do not need a permit. Firewood can not be cut, collected, and transported off the forest without a permit. 

Event/Commercial Permits and Special Use Permits

Certain types of uses of public lands require "Special Use Authorizations". These include commercial activities, such as filming and guiding. Non-commercial uses may also require Special Use Authorizations, including recreation residences and organized events and gatherings.

Other Permits

Contact the Special Uses Administrator for more information on any other permit. If insure if a permit is required, contact a District Office or the Supervisor's Office.