The Siuslaw National Forest is located in the western center of Oregon.
Where is this Forest?


Learning Center

Interested in plants and animals found in the forest? Looking for historical photos? Are you planning a field trip or looking for information on how to tread lightly while camping?

Whether you are an experienced recreationist, a conservationist, scientist or student of any age, come learn with us. 


Come Learn with Us

Here's a sampling of the learning opportunities and materials we offer.  

  • Also check out the  Outdoor Learning  recreation activity for hikes and interpretive sites, visitor centers and events. 


  • Look for links or contact information with the event, program or resource.
  • If there's not a specific contact with the item you're interested in, or if there's something you're interested in that's not listed, contact Brian Hoeh (541.547.3289) 
    He will help you make the right connection.

Learning Events

  • The Cape Perpetual Visitor Center has ongoing programs and seasonal events for your exploration like:
    • Whale Watch Weeks
      Catch a glimpse of Grey Whales from Cape Perpetua during their Spring and Fall migrations.
    • Tidepool Days 
      Low tides expose incredible tidepool plants and animals.
  • Contact the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area Visitor Center for events at the Oregon Dunes
  • Field days & community projects
    Groups and partners pitch in for restoration work, plantings, wildlife protection, beach cleanup events 

Learning Programs

Learning Resources

  • Field trip materials (you visit us)
  • Classroom & community visits (we visit you)
  • Reading & Reference
    • Nature & Science  - plants, animals, geology and lots more for the Siuslaw National Forest and the Pacific Northwest
    • History & Culture  - forest and area history and photos. 
    • We offer natural history books, outdoor recreation books, wilderness maps, historical books, children's books, and Smokey Bear items for sale at our offices.
  • Curriculum resources
  • Self guided tour materials

Outdoor Safety & Ethics

It's important to stay safe and to respect the land while visiting your National Forest.  Learn how to have a safe and low impact visit. It's good for you and for the environment!