The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is located in the northeastern corner of Oregon.
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The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest offers a variety of employment opportunities, including permanent, temporary, seasonal, student programs, and volunteer positions.

This year, applications for summer temporary employment will need to be submitted online at during an 8-day period that begins November 30 and extends through December 7, 2015. Interested applicants are encouraged to create their USAjobs profile now to begin developing their application and compiling the required documentation.

We're hiring! Visit our Temporary Hiring page for more information and timelines.

News Release: Temporary job openings for the 2016 field season require early online application


Outreach Vancancy Database

WALLOWA WHITMAN NF - 2017 TEMPORARY POSITION LIST (w/ contact information)

Outreach/Vacancy Database this database provides a listing of both permanent and temporary employment opportunities. The database can be searched by job or by location. To find jobs listed in the local area go to Location, then select the State and Town you are interested in.

Please vist the careers page for additional employment information.

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