The White Mountain National Forest is located in the north center part of New Hampshire.
Where is this Forest?



Student interns join White Mountain National Forest staff. Buy local firewood, prevent invasive pests.Images of Asian Longhorned Beetle and Emerald Ash Borer - invasive insects. New bridges delivered for Eastside Trail at Lincoln Woods. Bear visiting dumpster.Food and camping supplies packed in trunk.Bear canisters are available to borrow first-come, first-served.


Happy Independence Day

fireworks display behind the Statue of Liberty  Recreating on one of the many National Forests is a wonderful way to celebrate our nation's independence.  Please remember that while visiting the White Mountain National Forest, fireworks are prohibited year-round, including this holiday weekend.  Many surrounding communities have celebrations to enjoy.  

Spring Black Bear Safety - Bears are Active: Put Your Food Away

bear catches the scent of toothpaste?  Do not store food or even toothpaste in your tent.  Bears are active on the forest, and look for any easy food source.  Be sure to always put your food away and keep your backpack with you at all times.  Follow these guidelines to avoid a citation.  Visitors will receive a citation for sites where visitors have not properly stored their food.  



Recent News


Water Safety

Image of screen capture for WMNF Water Safety YouTube video.

Heavy rain can create potentially dangerous and life threatening situations if attempting a water crossing or simply getting too close to take the perfect picture.  
Refresh your water recreating safety knowledge before heading out on your trip.

2015 Campground Programs

Squam Lake Natural Science Center were one of the presenters at a campground program.

Enjoy one of our campground programs throughout the summer. An annual event, visitors enjoy a wide variety of topics in one of our many campgrounds. 

These programs are made possible by a partnership between the White Mountain Interpretive Association and the White Mountain National Forest.

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The White Mountain National Forest and White Mountain Interpretive Association are seeking volunteers.

Wilderness Monitoring: Volunteer to Hike in Wilderness Areas

Photo with view East into wilderness area.

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could just go for a hike and sit quietly for a few hours in a beautiful place? Here’s your excuse!


Learning Lichens Curriculum

Students survey lichens on a plot near their school.

Lichens can be studied every season of the year and in nearly every location. Learning Lichens will introduce students to intriguing lichen ecology, identification, and values to humans.

Trailhead Steward Program - Off to a Great Start!

Group photo of Trailhead Stewards at training.

This is a volunteer-based program designed to educate hikers on safety and ecology before they begin their hike.