The Willamette National Forest is located in the western center of Oregon.
Where is this Forest?



Working for the Willamette

[Photograph]: A Forest Service employee is helping a vacationer.Find information about job openings for the Willamette National Forest from the national Forest Service jobs website.

This site includes information on both permanent and temporary positions as well as on student hiring.

All our jobs and applications are listed in USA Jobs.

Here are three of the most common types of positions we offer.

  • Student Internship Program 
    Jobs for students from high school through graduate level.  See the For Students and Parents section of the FS Jobs website.

  • Temporary Seasonal Employee
    Many, but not all, of these positions are summer jobs. See the Job Openings section of the FS Jobs website for details.  

  • Permanent Jobs
    Go to USA Jobs or FS Jobs for a listing of all permanent positions with the Willamette National Forest.

Looking for a summer job with the Willamette National Forest?

We have both student and temporary seasonal positions for summer jobs.

Youth Conservation Corps

Looking for other Jobs with the Forest Service?

Interested in volunteering?

Check out the many opportunities in the Volunteering section located under Working Together.