The Manti-LaSal National Forest is located in the center of Utah.
Where is this Forest?



Welcome to the Manti-La Sal National Forest  

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The deep sandstone canyons, mountaintops, meadows, lakes, and streams of the Manti-La Sal National Forest create a diverse landscape.  From the Abajos and La Sals in southeastern Utah to the Wasatch Plateau and Sanpitch mountains hundreds of miles away in central Utah, the Forest is a welcome retreat.

What you may not know about the Manti-La Sal. . .


Seeley Fire Burned Area Hazards

Debris covers Huntington Canyon

The Seeley Fire began June 26, 2012. See the initial attack slideshow.  The fire was contained on July 18, 2012 but the area remains unstable and dangerous.  The burned area (see map) is under a new closure order that allows limited access to the area for recreation.  State Route 31 through Huntington Canyon is is subject to flash floods with massive debris flows. Motorists have been stranded between flows. Be weather aware.  Do not enter the canyon when rain is forecast, or if you see thunderclouds in the area.  DO NOT STOP when driving on SR-31.  DO NOT try to drive through a flash flood.  More Safety Instructions.  Click the title above for more post-fire information. 

Finding your way to the Manti-La Sal . . .

Forest Vicinity Map

Think of the Manti-La Sal as a group of far-flung islands of forest that are scattered from central Utah to southeastern Utah and western Colorado. The Sanpitch Mountains and the Wasatch Plateau are closest to the urban areas of the Wasatch Front.  Far to the southeast are two other islands of Forest, the La Sal mountains, and the Abajo/Elk Ridge mountains.

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PIT Volunteers at GBEEC

Men pull posts from ground

Passport In Time Volunteers joined Forest Service and Snow College employees during August to make repairs and help document important historic artifacts at the GBEEC in Ephraim Canyon.