The National Forests in Mississippi are scattered throughout the state of Mississippi.
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De Soto Firefighters Memorial Page

Inciweb page for De Soto Aviation Event

Explore the BienvilleDeltaDe Soto, Holly Springs, Homochitto, and Tombigbee National Forests. 

Our lands contain over 2,000 acres of lakes and ponds and 600 miles of streams that are open to the public for fishing. We have 14 wildlife management areas; operated by Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. In these areas we emphasize intensive management of game species such as white-tailed deer, wild turkey, and bobwhite quail.


2015 Prescribed Fire Season Begins on National Forests in Mississippi

Prescribed area burn



Prescribed fire, also known as controlled burning, refers to the controlled use of fire by a team of experts to safely reduce excessive amounts of grass and brush.  Prescribed fire helps reduce the catastrophic damage of wildfire on our lands and surrounding communities.  Pre-planned prescribed burns are carefully analyzed and conducted under specific weather conditions. 

Travel Management Rule (MVUM)

Logo of the Ride For Keeps Program

To better protect natural resources while continuing to provide opportunities for motorized recreation, the National Forests in Mississippi has implemented the travel management rule. The travel management rule requires each National Forest and Grassland to designate roads, trails, and areas open for motor vehicle use.  Click here for Motor Vehicle Use Maps.

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Local Area Attractions and conditions near Jackson, Mississippi

Mississippi State Capitol Building

The National Forests in Mississippi Supervisor's Office is located in historic downtown Jackson, Mississippi.  Come explore the many unique attractions in and around Jackson.

National Forests in MS Fact Sheet

De Soto National Forest

Open this brief one page fact sheet for more information about the National Forests in Mississippi


New Deputy Forest Supervisor Joins National Forests in Mississippi


William “Eddie” Taylor Jr. has been appointed as Deputy Forest Supervisor for the National Forests in Mississippi, effective August 26, 2013.

Big Biloxi Campground Now Open


Come visit the re-opened recreation area

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