The National Forests in Mississippi are scattered throughout the state of Mississippi.
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2014 Prescribed Fire Season Begins on National Forests in Mississippi

Prescribed area burn



Prescribed fire, also known as controlled burning, refers to the controlled use of fire by a team of experts to safely reduce excessive amounts of grass and brush.  Prescribed fire helps reduce the catastrophic damage of wildfire on our lands and surrounding communities.  Pre-planned prescribed burns are carefully analyzed and conducted under specific weather conditions. 

Recreational Opportunities

Canoe trip down Black Creek

The National Forests in Mississippi abound with recreational opportunities. Whether you enjoy camping, hiking, picnicking, biking, horse riding, OHV riding, scenic driving, nature viewing, fishing, hunting, or water activities, National Forests in Mississippi can provide you with the outdoor experience you are looking for. Here you will find an overview of developed and undeveloped recreational opportunities on each ranger district.

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Local Area Attractions and conditions near Jackson, Mississippi

Mississippi State Capitol Building

The National Forests in Mississippi Supervisor's Office is located in historic downtown Jackson, Mississippi.  Come explore the many unique attractions in and around Jackson.

Timber Sales

Logging truck loading logs in the forest

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Big Biloxi Campground Now Open


Come visit the re-opened recreation area

National Forests in MS Fact Sheet

De Soto National Forest

Open this brief one page fact sheet for more information about the National Forests in Mississippi

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