The Ouachita National Forest is located in the western center part of Askansas.
Where is this Forest?


Map of the Ouachita National ForestThe Ouachita National Forest covers 1.8 million acres in central Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma. Headquartered in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the forest is managed for multiple uses, including timber and wood production, watershed protection and improvement, habitat for wildlife and fish species (including threatened and endangered ones), wilderness area management, minerals leasing, and outdoor recreation.  Enjoy camping, hiking, biking, scenic driving, trail riding, water recreation, fishing, hunting, and more!


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US Forest Service seeks applicants for recreation advisory committee

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The U.S. Forest Service is seeking nominations to fill 11 positions on a new Southern Region Recreation Resource Advisory Committee for national forests across the Southeast. The committee will take on the important task of recommending whether forests in 13 southern states and Puerto Rico adopt new recreation fees or change existing ones.

Wolf Pen Gap

Wolf Pen Gap will be closing on Nov 1 except for Trail 1 from the North trailhead to the South trailhead which stays open year around.

Two holiday periods will open the trail system at Wolf Pen Gap to OHV use:

Nov 23 through Nov 28, and Dec 25 through Jan 2. The only closure during that time would be if there is a considerable amount of rain or snow.


Fall Colors

Check this out for fall color updates. Fall colors updated weekly.

2015 Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) now available - View/print here

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The MVUMs directed by the Travel Management Rule are now available for the Ouachita National Forest.


Wildfire Prevention Tips

Significant causes of wildfire include sparks from welding and grinding equipment, carelessly discarded smoking materials, arson and lightning. Help prevent wildfires.

Don't Move Firewood

Nonnative insects threaten our forests. Help us stop these invaders.  Watch the Super Rangers defeat the Legi...