Stanislaus National Forest Over-Snow Vehicle (OSV) Use Designation

The Stanislaus National Forest is evaluating its existing management of oversnow vehicle (OSV) use on National Forest system roads, National Forest System trails, and areas on National Forest System Lands; and to identify snow trails for grooming within the Stanislaus National Forest.

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Location Summary


District: Stanislaus National Forest All Units

Project Documents

Date Published
  • Scoping

    • Meetings
      • Open Houses (6-26-2015) (PDF 62kb)

        Open House meeting locations and times - provide an overview of the Proposed Action and answer questions.
    • Notice of Intent (06-26-2015) (PDF 205kb)

      The Notice of Intent (NOI), as published in the Federal Register begins the formal 45-day scoping process. It briefly describes the proposed action and other important project information.
    • Cover Letter (06-26-2015) (PDF 520kb)

      Cover letter seeking initial scoping comments on the proposal.
    • Scoping Package (06-26-2015) (PDF 235kb)

      The scoping package provides details about the purpose and need, proposed action, project map and other related information.
    • Proposed Action Map (06-26-2015) (PDF 994kb)

      Map (11"x17") showing location of actions described in the scoping notice. For help printing and scaling oversized documents, refer to: