Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest Recreational Sport Shooting Project

Currently, the 1997 Forest Plan does not provide direction on how rec. sport shooting (RSS) should be managed. Due to increasing residential development, increased public participation in RSS and associated health and safety issues; the FS is considering amending the Forest Plan to include direction for managing RSS. This direction may include: (1)Developing Forest Plan goals, objectives, or desired conditions for RSS; (2) Identifying areas that are appropriate for dispersed recreational shooting; (3) Identifying areas suitable as designated shooting areas; and (4) Identifying areas where RSS would be prohibited for health and safety reasons. Lawful hunting activities would not be impacted. **NEW** interactive RSS proposal map DOWNLOAD GIS DATA here

Location Summary

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests

Districts: Boulder Ranger District, Canyon Lakes Ranger District, Clear Creek Ranger District, Sulphur Ranger District

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