Schedules of Proposed Actions

The “Schedule of Proposed Actions” (SOPA) for the National Forests in Alabama includes all project proposals that we currently anticipate working on over the next three months. We update this schedule quarterly as budgets and project priorities change. The schedule is not a NEPA document nor is it a solicitation for comments. Comments addressed to the schedule do not provide standing for appeal purposes.

The purpose of the SOPA is to provide you with enough information to decide which projects are of interest to you, and whom to contact should you wish to become involved in the analysis and decision process on the forest.

Project specific comments are solicited through formal scoping during the periods shown in the schedule. If you are interested in a project or projects, please contact the responsible Forest Service employee shown on the Schedule (SOPA) and provide project specific comments.

National Forests in Alabama past Schedules of Proposed Actions are  available here.

National Forests in Alabama Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Boggy Hollow forest health and restoration project.

Longleaf pine restoration and management

Easement for Justin H. Kenagy

. The proposed action is for issuing an easement which will allow access to private land.

Houston Longleaf Restoration Project

Longleaf Pine and Oak-Pine Woodland Restoration

NFsAL Forest Plan Monitoring Plan Transition

Update Forest Plan Monitoring Plan to meet requirements of 2012 Planning Rule. This effort will result in an Administrative Change to the Forest Plan and is NOT a NEPA decision. NEPA project webpage used to increase visibility for public convenience.

Shoal Creek Healthy Forest Project

Thinning of overstocked plantations to reduce southern pine beetle threat

Talladega Division New Prescribed Burn Units Environmental Assessment

Addition of 9900 acres to its prescribed burning program for fuel reduction, ecosystem restoration and wildlife habitat improvement

Tuskegee NF P-burning FY16

Conduct approximately 1350 acres of prescribed burning on the Tuskegee National Forest in Compartments 10,14,and 15 for fuel reduction and wildlife habitat improvement.

Analysis Completed

Aeonian Environmental Analysis

2100 acres within Compartments 30, 31, 40 and 47 on the Shoal Creek Ranger District. Include approximately 1600 acres of thinning and 500 acres of clearcuts with reforestation, including chemical site preparation, site prep burning and release.

Amaranthine Environmental Assessment

Treatment of approximately 2,000 acres through intermediate thinning and regeneration treatments to restore montain longleaf pine ecosystems

Blueberry Hill Land Acquistion

The National Forests in Alabama is wanting to initiate a land-for-timber (tripartite) exchange in which the U.S. Forest Service will acquire nine non-Federal tracts of land totaling approximately 1,400 acres in Chilton County, Alabama.

Shoal Creek Road Access

Project includes the removal of gates within the Big Oak Physically Disabled Hunting Area, closing of approximately 6.3 miles of open roads, decommissioning of 20.5 mile of closed roads, and altering seasonal closure dates.

On Hold

Special Use Permit - Reggie Watts Right-of-way

Issue a special use permit for right-of-way to Reggie Watts for driveway and utility installation to private property.

Special Use Permit- Alabama Power Company Distribution Line, Franklin County Road 138

Special use permit to install a new distribution power line with 3 poles and 2 guys and 860 ft. /- of overhead conductor adjacent to Franklin County Highway #138. Line clearing of trees will be 15 ft from line where needed.

Tallaseehatchee Bridge

Construction of new bridge to replace a 75 year old multi-span bride.

Upland Hardwood Restoration Project

This project will focus on converting offsite loblolly pine plantations to upland hardwood forests.


Sipsey Soil Survey SUP

Long-term Soil Monitoring at U.S. Geological Survey Reference Watersheds. The project will use repeated soil sampling to document environmental change.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.