Schedules of Proposed Actions

The “Schedule of Proposed Actions” (SOPA) for the National Forests in Alabama includes all project proposals that we currently anticipate working on over the next three months. We update this schedule quarterly as budgets and project priorities change. The schedule is not a NEPA document nor is it a solicitation for comments. Comments addressed to the schedule do not provide standing for appeal purposes.

The purpose of the SOPA is to provide you with enough information to decide which projects are of interest to you, and whom to contact should you wish to become involved in the analysis and decision process on the forest.

Project specific comments are solicited through formal scoping during the periods shown in the schedule. If you are interested in a project or projects, please contact the responsible Forest Service employee shown on the Schedule (SOPA) and provide project specific comments.

National Forests in Alabama past Schedules of Proposed Actions are  available here.

National Forests in Alabama Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Kentuck OHV Trail - White Loop Re Route

Construction of ~300 ft of new OHV trail and decommissionment of ~200 ft of existing trail due to soil erosion.

Midstory Removal in RCW Habitat 2014

Proposed action of cut and leave midstory removal to restore open woodland conditions on 315 acres. The treatment areas are located within or adjacent to seven red-cockaded woodpecker (RCW) clusters.

Under Analysis

Aeonian Environmental Analysis

2100 acres within Compartments 30, 31, 40 and 47 on the Shoal Creek Ranger District. Include approximately 1600 acres of thinning and 500 acres of clearcuts with reforestation, including chemical site preparation, site prep burning and release.

Alabama Power Company / Southern Electric Generation Company - Gaston-Yellow Dirt Transmission Line

Replacement of eight structures on existing right-of-way and construction of bridge over Hatchett Creek for maintenance access.

BNF Rush Creek/NFSR 263 Culvert Replacement Project

The existing culvert will be replaced with a single span bridge, with abutment walls and wingwalls designed to pass a 50-year flood event and span the bankfull width of Rush Creek.

Cheatwood Easement

Easement to allow access to private property

Compartment 131 Thinning Project

Commercially thin approximately 68 acres of overstocked loblolly pine.

Compartment 132 Thinning Project

Commercially thin approximately 31 acres of overstocked loblolly pine.

Deer Pen Restoration Project

To provide resiliency and sustainability by restoring species composition, structure, and function through a series of actions designed to favor native species on native sites

Double Springs Water line SUP

Install a 3100 foot X 21 foot waterline along Hwy 278 and County Road 2

Horn Mountain Communication Tower

Construction of new telecommunication tower at existing communications site on Horn Mountain

Southern Region Caves and Mine Closures

The purpose of the action is to close caves and mines to minimize the transmission potential of white nose syndrome and for the protection of associated wildlife species.

Special Use Permit - Alabama Power Company Distribution Line, Winston County Road 91

Special use permit to install new single phase power line within the existing 15' right-of-way along Winston County Road 91.

Special Use Permit - Reggie Watts Right-of-way

Issue a special use permit for right-of-way to Reggie Watts for driveway and utility installation to private property.

Tim Smith Permanent Easement SUP

Issue a special use permit for a right-of-way for access to private land.

Analysis Completed

2014 Abel Gap Burning

Burning approximatly 125 Acres east of AL Highway 281

Alabama Power Company Muscadine 115kV Transmission Line

New 115kV Transmission Line right-of-way

BKNF Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Suppression

Integrated treatments in a effort to retain a portion of the hemlock on the Bankhead National Forest.

Cheaha Creek Bridge Construction

Replacement of low-water crossing with bridge to allow free passage for aquatic organisms

FY2014 Horn Valley 600 Acre Prescribed Burning

The Forest Service is proposing to burn approximately 600 acres east of Forest Service Road 662 in Talladega and Clay Counties.

Install Weather Station

Erect two new permanent weather stations which will include 20' X 20' chainlink fenced area.

Lake Chinnabee Recration Area - Change of Use

Evaluation of the Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area and change of use to day use only with no overnight camping.

National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)

To issue two Special Use Permits in support of the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), Inc. proposal to conduct long term (30 years) research (data collection) in the Mayfield Creek area of the Oakmulgee Ranger District.

Pine Flat Integrated Resources Restoration Plan Environmental Assessment

The assessment proposes several actions to increase management efficiency and restore forest health. These activities are designed to provide resiliency and sustainability by restoring species composition, structure and function of native sites.


Thinning in overstock Loblolly plantations around areas of previous work that were not include in past analysis

Talladega Division Prescribed Fire EA

Prescribed buring program for fuel reduciton, ecosystem restoration and wildlife habitat improvement.

Tuskegee Upland Pine Restoration Project

Restoration and improvement of upland Pine stands using timber harvests, midstory removal, herbicide application, and integrated NNIS control.


Alabama Outward Bound

Issuing an Outfitter Guide Permit which will allow Alabama Outward Bound to operate on National Forests lands. The goal of this program is to teach environmental education.

Bell Springs Prescribed Burn

A new 833 acre prescribed burn unit in the Bell Springs area.

Herbicide Application

Herbicide use for release of young longleaf stands and unwanted hardwood excroachement in mature pine stands.

Marlow Branch Prescribed Burn

A new 796 acre prescribed burn umit in the Germany Mtn area.

Mump Creek Prescribed Burn Addition

Add an additional 826 acre block in the SE corner of the existing Mump Creek burn.

Salt Creek Prescribed Burn

A new 805 acre prescribed burn unit in the Salt Creek area.

Talladega Mtn Prescribed Burn

A new 1106 acre prescribed burn unit in the Chandler Springs area.

Tree Farm Prescribed Burn

A new 2640 acre prescribed burn unit located west of Turnipseed Camp.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.