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Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Crockett Lake Whitebark Pine Demonstration

This project is intended to remove all conifers and slash (except limber pine) from the understory in identified whitebark pine stands in order to reduce competition and increase sunlight so that the WBP reproduces fully and faster.

Under Analysis

2014 Whitebark Planting

This proposal would authorized planting 12,500 Whitebark pine (WBP)seedlings in a former WBP dominated site where the species is not coming back as well as predicted after the Mussigbrod Fire in 2000. Planting would take place in May or June.

Browns Canyon Allotment Water Improvements

Drought conditions demonstrate the need for improved developed livestock water sources in the Browns Canyon allotment to make livestock management work better for livestock distribution to benefit vegetation.

Butte Highland Mine Haul Road

Butte Highlands JV, LLC of Butte, Montana has submitted a Plan of Operations (POO) to use National Forest System roads for activities that are incidental to their mining operations on private land.

Chief Joseph Cross Country Ski Trail Hazard Tree Removal

Remove hazard trees over the course of 10 years, to reduce the risk posed to skiers and hikers on this trail system (over 7000 visitors annually) by commercial means if possible. Force account or service contracts will be employed otherwise.

Chief Joseph Ski Trail Maintenance & Construction

Project would re-shaping the existing road prism on the old log hauling routes used as ski trails and dig stumps on approximately 32 kilometers of cross country ski trails and construct a connector trail between Moose and Sentinel Meadow trails.

Christain #1 Minerals Exploration Project

The Forest Service received a Plan of Operation to explore for minerals on unpatented mining claims located in T8N, R12W, section 11 approximately 16 miles northwest of Deer Lodge, Montana in the Master Mine area.

East Deer Lodge Valley Landscape Restoration Management

Restore Terrestrial and aquatic conditions, respond to 2008 landscape assessment, capture economic value of dead/dying trees.

Flint Foothills Vegetation Management Project

1) Salvage beetle dead and dying lodgepole pine 2) Commercial thin ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir 3) Use prescribed fire in low and mid-elevation mixed conifer stands to promote resiliency 4) Pre-commercial thin young stans

Goodrich Gulch Plan of Operation

The proponent proposes a phased exploration which includes core drilling to test for vein extension trend, opening existing protals for bulk sampling, conducting three placer tests and exploration work to remove old mine dumps for sampling.

Hogan Private Road Special Use Permit

Proposal to issue a Private Road Special Use Permit to Mike D. Hogan Jr. authorizing the operation and maintenance of an existing road crossing NFS land to access private property.

Last Chance Phase II Exploration and Underground Sampling Plan of Operations

The purpose of the exploration plan is to collect samples in-situ underground and past stockpiled material sources from the now closed adit. Material will be used to determine the grade and mineralogy to assess the economic potential of the site.

Monforton Private Road Special Use Permit

Mr Monforton requests we renew a private road special use permit, authorized since 2001, for a mile behind a locked gate on FS Road #173. His property is surrounded by National Forest System lands.

North and West Big Hole Allotment Mangement Plans

Updating allotment management plans for 11 domestic livestock grazing allotments.

Pony Whitebark Pine Planting

This proposal would authorize planting 3100 Whitebark pine seedlings on 12.5 acres in what was a Whitebark pine dominated site prior to the Pony fire in 2012. Inventories show that regeneration of that forest-type is not happening as predicted.

Pride #4 and #6 Placer Exploration Project

Justin Hanninen of Butte, Montana has submitted a Plan of Operations to explore for minerals on unpatented mining claims located in T7N, R7W, section 36, approximately 8.5 miles northwest of Basin, Montana.

Roadside Hazard Tree Removal # 7

Proposal involves removal of hazard trees within falling distance of 46.4 miles of high-priority Forest System Roads on the Wisdom and Dillon Ranger Districts. Trees will be removed within a narrowly specified corridor using commercial timber sales.

Seep Spring Water Development

This proposal would authorize development of a spring water source with a headbox, pipeline, and two water tanks in the Little Galena pasture of the Galena allotment. Tanks would be placed 50 and 1400 ft from the source.

Trapper Creek Vegetation Management

This revised proposal includes chainsaw cutting, broadcast burning of colonizing conifers and burning or scattering slash concentrations on 3338 acres of riparian vegetation, mountain mahogany, and sagebrush/grass parks to meet Forest Plan Objectives

Upper Wilson Creek Stream Restoratin and Water Developement

We propose to use a mini excavator to restore 100 feet of stream bank washed out by flooding, do minor trail repair, and barricade a non-motorized route while the excavator is in use to bury a pipe for a water development to protect a spring.

Villa & Jesse Private Road Special Use Permit

Proposal issue a Private Road Special Use Permit to Danny Villa and Lisa Jesse authorizing operation and maintenance of an existing road crossing NFS land to access private property.

Analysis Completed

Collins Access Road

Tom Collins of Missoula has submitted a Plan of Operations (POO) to build an access road across National Forest System (NFS) lands to explore for minerals on his patented mining claim (private land).

Fleecer Mountains Project

Salvage dead and dying lodgepole pine on approx. 1,100 acres, thin douglas fir stands on approx 590 acres, pre-commercial thin second growth stands on approx. 1,345 acres, and aspen restoration on 115 acres, various aquatic and road improvements

Homestake Lodge Road Powerline

Proposal to permit installation of a new service line to Homestake Lodge under a 2-track route off Forest Road 240 that drops down to the Homestake Rest Area. Installers will bore under a wet area between the rest area and the 2-track to the lodge.

Homestake Trail #7071 Relocation

Proposal to relocate two segments of Homestake Trail #7071 in the Whitetail-Pipestone Area move it off of the the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Tracks.

Poormans Road Underground Power Line

We propose to issue a permit to NorthWestern Energy for installation of 1100 feet of power line from an overhead power line on Poormans Road to private property. The line will be buried in an existing roadbed.

Roadside Hazard Tree Removal #6

Remove dead, dying, or structurally unsound trees determined to pose a hazard along several system roads on the Madison and Pintler Ranger Districts. Method of removal will likely involve commercial timber sales.

On Hold


Vegetation management treatments to meet Forest Plan desired conditions including removing encroaching conifers in Sagebrush, Aspen, Mountain Mahogany, thinning Douglas-fir, daylighting Whitebark Pine.

Boulder River Salvage and Vegetation Management Project

Salvage by clearcut regeneration harvest, and conduct biomass removal, commercial thinning, prescribed fire, and quaking aspen restoration on 24,939 acres (346 units) of Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest System Lands north of Whitehall, MT.

Dillon, Wisdom, Wise River Ranger Districts Travel Management Project

NEPA analysis for designating wheeled motorized use on the Dillon, Wisdom and Wise River ranger districts of the Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF.

Nut Pine Lode LLC Road Access

We propose to issue a Private Road Special Use Permit authorizing the Nut Pine Lode LLC to access their private property with the standard ?conduct basic maintenance? clause on the existing road.


2011 Aspen Release

This project proposes treatment of 507 acres of conifer encroachment to improve health and viability of aspen clones comprising 21 units of 2 to 56 acres.

2013 Whitebark Pine Planting

Planting 6300 white bark pine seedlings in dry sites on 45 acres in the Mussigbrod burn of 2000 to increase weak whitebark pine regeneration. No mechanized equipment will be used and woody debris will be used to shade the seedlings.

Boulder River Recreation Sites

Upgrading and expanding a developed camp ground and some dispersed camp sites

Bull Mountain Game Range Conifer Reduction

Selective slashing or burning of non-merchantable conifers encroaching into sage/grass communities to restore forage production for wildlife on 5,010 acres on the Bull Mountain Game Range. Project involves no road building or commercial harvest.

Homestake Conifer Slashing

Proposal to cut down non-merchantable conifers across 7 units, (600 acres) where they overtop aspen along the boundary between open sagebrush parks and lodge pole pine dominated forest. The proposal requires no road construction or commercial harvest

Homestake Lodge Road Powerline DUPLICATE

We propose to permit NorthWest Energyt to bury 3720 feet of powerline from the existing dip pole at the Homestake Rest area under the road bed to Homestake Lodge.

North Butte Land Exchange

This project would exchange Federal lands north of Butte for private lands near Delmoe Lake.

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