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Beal Mountain Mine Closure

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Boulder River Collaborative Project

Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Boulder Lowlands Vegetation

The purpose of the project is to increase the resiliency of the area to insect and disease infestations and reduce the risk of wildfire to local communities and surrounding lands (federal, state and private).

Butte Highland Mine Haul Road

Butte Highlands JV, LLC of Butte, Montana has submitted a Plan of Operations (POO) to use National Forest System roads for activities that are incidental to their mining operations on private land.

Canyon Trail #7077 Maintenance and Construction

Relocation and construction of 1600 ft. of new trail, maintenance and tread work on restoration on 1420 ft. of existing trail, obliteration of 1590 ft. of old trail, installation of a 30 ft. rock turnpike, and hardening of one stream crossing.

Cataract Creek - Mountain Meadow Plan of Operations

Mine dumps and waste rock from mine sites will be hauled to a processing site on private land. All transportation on public land would be under permit on existing open routes on the BDNF and BLM. This project will be done in a single field season.

Chief Joseph Cross Country Ski Trail Hazard Tree Removal

Remove hazard trees over the course of 10 years, to reduce the risk posed to skiers and hikers on this trail system (over 7000 visitors annually) by commercial means if possible. Force account or service contracts will be employed otherwise.

Finley Basin Minerals Exploration Project

Finley Mining Inc.proposes to drill 12 exploration holes using a track mounted drill rig that can be dismantled for use with a helicopter. If the 4 drill sites are encouraging then up to 6 more sites maybe drilled. Roads will not be constructed.

Flint Foothills Vegetation Management Project

1) Salvage dead and dying lodgepole pine 2) Commercial thin ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir 3) Use prescribed fire in low and mid-elevation mixed conifer stands to promote resiliency 4) Pre-commercial thin young stands

Forest Plan Temporary Roads

Supplemental Analysis for Forest Plan EIS

Goodrich Gulch Plan of Operation

The proponent proposes a phased exploration which includes core drilling to test for vein extension trend, opening existing protals for bulk sampling, conducting three placer tests and exploration work to remove old mine dumps for sampling.

NCRS SNOTEL Sites Conversion Project

Amend the terms of an existing permit under a National Memorandum of Understanding, to allow the Natural Resources Conservation Service to automate 5 existing hydrometerological data collection sites with solar powered data collection equipment

North and West Big Hole Allotment Mangement Plans

Updating the allotment management plans for 11 grazing allotments.

Roadside Hazard Tree Removal #8

Remove hazard trees adjacent to several high-use system roads on the Dillon Ranger District using commercial timber sale.

Whetstone Ridge Trail #8020 Relocation

We propose to construct 4.7 miles of new trail and obliterate 1.4 miles of the old trail tread, in order to reroute the Whetstone Ridge Trail to resolve safety, erosion and public access concerns posed at the existing location.

Analysis Completed

East Deer Lodge Valley Landscape Restoration Management

Purpose is to achieve Forest Plan Goals including Timber management, Aquatic Improvement, Wildlife Habitat improvement. Proposed activities include timber salvage, commercial thinning, sediment reduction, fish passage, road and trail decommissioning

Fleecer Mountains Project

Salvage dead and dying lodgepole pine on approx. 1,100 acres, thin douglas fir stands on approx 590 acres, pre-commercial thin second growth stands on approx. 1,345 acres, and aspen restoration on 115 acres, various aquatic and road improvements

Golden Jubilee Drilling Exploration Project

The Gunsinger Group proposes to core drill 8 exploration holes with a truck mounted drill rig and dig a 4 by 50 foot trench about 16 feet deep using a backhoe. Drill sites are about 800 feet from a County Road. No road construction is necessary.

Madison Ranger District Road Decommissioning as Identified in the Madison MVUM Decision

Road 1237B, (0.5 miles) will require complete obliteration. Road closure devices, water bars, tread scarification and re-contouring will discourage motorized use and promote re-vegetation. Road 9677, (1.6 miles) will require only a closed sign.

Roadside Hazard Tree Removal # 7

Proposal involves removal of hazard trees within falling distance of 45 miles of high-priority Forest System Roads on the Wisdom and Dillon Ranger Districts. Trees will be removed within a narrowly specified corridor using commercial timber sales.

Smith Lake Fish Screen Project

Construct and install a 12 foot denil fish ladder attached to a 7'x7' concrete head wall. The top of the fish ladder will be covered to prevent blockage. The contractor would use a tracked excavator to do the work.

Trapper Creek Vegetation Management

This revised proposal includes removal of colonizing conifers on 3338 acres of riparian vegetation, mountain mahogany, and sagebrush/grass parks using slashing and burning, broadcast burning, or lop and scatter to meet Forest Plan objectives

Van Houten Lake Fish Barrier Project

This proposal is to build a structure at the outlet of Van Houten Lake to block non-native trout passage upstream into the lake.

On Hold


Vegetation management treatments to meet Forest Plan desired conditions including removing encroaching conifers in Sagebrush, Aspen, Mountain Mahogany, thinning Douglas-fir, daylighting Whitebark Pine.

Chief Joseph Ski Trail Maintenance & Construction

Project would re-shaping the existing road prism on the old log hauling routes used as ski trails and dig stumps on approximately 32 kilometers of cross country ski trails and construct a connector trail between Moose and Sentinel Meadow trails.


Dillon, Wisdom, Wise River Ranger Districts Travel Management Project

NEPA analysis for designating wheeled motorized use on the Dillon, Wisdom and Wise River ranger districts of the Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF.

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