The Projects page shows current and proposed projects on the Black Hills National Forest for watershed restoration, habitat improvement, recreation sites, timber sales, roads, and more. Projects on the Black Hills National Forest follow guidelines under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This was signed into law on January 1, 1970.

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Black Hills National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Atlantic Mine

Removal of waste rock from an existing mine for use in landscaping/decorative stone. Approximately 100-500 tons of material will be removed on an annual basis.

Bear Lodge Project

Development of rare earth minerals mine. The name of this project was changed from the RER Mineral Development Project.

Cook Lake Recreation Facility Maintenance

Maintenance activities to enhance long-term functionality of Cook Lake dam and increase public safety at the facility and downstream areas.

Elk Mountain Reforestation CE

To provide ponderosa pine regeneration in areas where high fire intensities left vast areas deforested with no available natural seed source for regeneration.

French Creek Road Obliteration and Stream Crossing Rehabilitation

Proposed to obliterate approximately 3.0 miles of non-system road and rehabilitate 11 low water crossings of French Creek.

Jewel Cave Withdrawal

Withdrawal of 2,387 acres of Forest Service land from mineral entry to protect cave resources underlying this land.

Kinney Hazard Tree Removal Project

Cutting and brushing of dead and dying hazard trees along roads and fencelines in the Kinney fire area.

Red Quartz Mine

Feldspar and quartz will be removed at this existing mine site. Traditional mining techniques (drilling & blasting) will be used at the site.

Rocky Homeowners' Association Easement

FLPMA Private Road Easement to memebers of the Rocky Homeowners' Association

Trail 8251 Reroute and Rehabilitation

Reroute a 0.4 mile segment of Motorized Trail 8251 to eliminate three low water crossings along West Fork Estes Creek. Rehabilitate the existing segment of trail once the reroute is complete.

Well Pole Creek Road Obliteration and Crossing Restoration

To restore stream and wetland areas adjacent to Well Pole Creek which have been impacted by non-system roads adjacent to and across the creek.

Wolf Track Improvement District FLPMA Easement

FLPMA Private road easement issued to the Wolf Track Improvement District

Analysis Completed

Black Hills Electric Cooperative (BHEC) - 2720

Construction of a new overhead 69Kv transmission line

Byway Lakes Enhancement Project

A project to remove lake sediments from Horsethief, Lakota, and Bismarck Lakes.

Calumet Project Area

Project Planning Analysis - Vegetative management to address insect (mountain pine beetle) epidemic and fuels hazard concerns, precribed fire/burning. HFRA

Custer County Hazard Tree Removal Project

Cutting and removal of dead, dying and beetle infested trees along Custer County roads.

Deadwood-Agnew Mine Reclamation Project

The area to be reclaimed is approximately 4.4 acres. The mines open pit will be filled with a mica reclamation product that is produced at Pacer Corp. Once the pit is filled topsoil will be applied and the area will be seeded.

Deer Valley

Proposal to sell lands associated with the Deer Valley Administrative Site located adjacent to Custer SD. Four surveyed lots and associated facilities - no longer necessary or economically viable - will be sold through a competitive process by GSA.

Gateway to Hill City (Reder Administrative Sale)

FS proposes to sell 83 acres on NFS lands (either collectively or by individual lots) inside the city limits of Hill City, SD

Griffs Canyon Placer Group

Project proposes to conduct exploration drilling on unpatented mining claims approx. 8.3 miles southwest of Custer, SD. Exploration will be conducted using a skidloader w/a post hole digger. Exploration holes will be 1-20 ft deep; on 3-5 centers.

Mountain Pine Beetle Response Project

The Forest is working to manage populations of mountain pine beetle (MPB) and to help protect communities, watersheds, and natural resources from wildfire by treating hazardous fuels. The BKNF is proposing further actions to address the MPB epidemic.

Vestal Project

Vegetation treatments to reduce mountain pine beetle risk in forested stands surrounding the City of Custer, SD. Prescribed burning and fuels treatments are also included to reduce fire hazard.

On Hold

Craven Canyon Mineral Withdrawal

Recommendation to BLM a withdrawal from mineral entry to protect cultural resources of significant interest within and surrounding Craven Canyon in portions of T 7 S, R 2E and T 7S, R 3 E for approximately 3,968 acres of National Forest System land


Joel Cannon Access Easement Project

Authorization of a 30 year private road easement to a landowner for access to a parcel of land surrounded by National Forest System Lands.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.