The Projects page shows current and proposed projects on the Black Hills National Forest for watershed restoration, habitat improvement, recreation sites, timber sales, roads, and more. Projects on the Black Hills National Forest follow guidelines under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This was signed into law on January 1, 1970.

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Black Hills National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Mickelson Trail-Mount Rushmore Connector Project

The State of South Dakota has applied for a permit to construct, operate and maintain a 14-mile non-motorized trail across the Forest connecting the Mickelson Trail to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. The decision would amend Forest Plan direction.

RNA and BA Mineral Withdrawal

Proposed withdrawal of research natural areas and botanical areas from mineral entry. Necessary part of RNA designation process. Forest Service recommendation to BLM, who makes the decision. Project not subject to the objection process.

Under Analysis

2015 Motorized Recreation Events

Annual permit to allow local off-highway vehicle groups to conduct their events during the summer. All events would take place on established motorized trails located on the Northern Hills and Mystic Ranger Districts.

Bear Lodge Project

Development of rare earth minerals mine. The name of this project was changed from the RER Mineral Development Project.

Centennial Trail Reroute

A segment of the motorized portion of the Centennial Trail is steep, rugged and difficult to maintain or navigate. This segment of the trail would be closed and the trail would be rerouted along FSR 144 and Trail 8288.

Jewel Cave Withdrawal

Withdrawal of 2,387 acres of Forest Service land from mineral entry to protect cave resources underlying this land. Forest Service would issue recommendation to BLM, who takes the action. FS recommendation is not subject to administrative review.

Larson Outfitter/Guide Permit

Renewal of a special use permit to guide fishing and hunting trips in Hunting Area 3 (Nemo), located roughly from Vanocker Canyon east to the Interstate 90 corridor. The permit would be valid for 10 years. Activities would adhere to SDGFP seasons.

Lazy Beaver Claim - Placer Mining Plan of Operations

The proposed action consists of exploration and extraction activities to extract placer gold from the POO area within the Lazy Beaver Claim. Mining operations include operation of heavy equipment and a Power Sluice. Reclamation would be ongoing.

Little Spearfish Trail Reroute

A section of the Little Spearfish trail would be rerouted or rehabilitated as necessary following the Limestone Ridge timber sale. Winter logging activities are expected to cause damage to the trail.

Reuter Motorized Trail

Construction of approximately 9.3 miles of motorized trail from Reuter Trailhead to Trail 1041 to provide system connectivity. Relocation of approximately 2.2 miles of non-motorized trail. Improvement of Blacktail Trailhead.

Robey #1 Claim - Placer Mining Plan of Operations

The proposed action consists of exploration and extraction activities to extract placer gold from the POO area within Robey #1 claim. Small machinery and a trommel/sluice would be used to mine placer gravels. Reclamation would occur after operations.

Sturgis BAM Amendment

Organizers of the Sturgis Bikes, Art and Music (BAM) festival have requested an amendment to their existing permit to add a 100 mile mountain bike race, the Tatanka 100. The race would follow the Centennial Trail from Mt. Rushmore to Sturgis.

Touch the Sky Rockclimbing

Touch the Sky leads youth on rockclimbing trips in Spearfish Canyon. Climbs are conducted at established routes and include approximately 8 youth and 2 instructors/guides per trip.

West Hell Reforestation Project

Regeneration of ponderosa pine in portions of the Jasper Fire area that burned in the year 2000. These areas that had high fire intensities remain deforested with no available seed source for future ponderosa pine regeneration.

Western Sprint Bicycle Tour

Western Sprint Bicycle would lead mountain bikers on a 5 day tour along the Centennial, Big Hill, Tinton and Crow Peak trails. Riders would camp each night at established trailheads or campgrounds.

Analysis Completed

On Hold

Cook Lake Recreation Facility Maintenance

Maintenance activities at the recreation facility to enhance long-term functionality of the Cook Lake dam and increase public safety at the facility and in downstream areas.

Craven Canyon Mineral Withdrawal

Proposal to withdraw about 3968 acres of NFS lands from mineral entry to protect cultural resources of significant interest within and surrounding Craven Canyon. Forest Service would issue a recommendation to BLM, who would take the action.

Rocky Homeowners' Association Easement

FLPMA Private Road Easement to memebers of the Rocky Homeowners' Association

Wolf Track Improvement District FLPMA Easement

FLPMA Private road easement issued to the Wolf Track Improvement District

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.