Bridger-Teton National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Grazing Authorization for Sweetwater, Blucher Creek and East Squaw Creek Cattle and Horse Allotments

Reauthorization of grazing on the Sweetwater, Blucher Creek, and East Squaw Creek Cattle and Horse Allotments. Legal notice of comment period published on 3/25/14. Submit comments to by April 24, 2014.

Greater Snow King Area Trails (formerly Skyline Trail/Putt Putt Extension)

Trail construction, reconstruction, and changes in use involving the Putt-putt trail, KC and Josie's Ridge trails, and Game Ck. trail; construction of Skyline trail and extension of Putt-putt trail. THIS PROJECT IS NOW SUBJECT TO THE PRE-DECISIONAL OBJECTION PROCESS (36 CFR 218) RATHER THAN THE APPEAL PROCESS.

Labarge Vegetation Restoration

Combination of mechanical treatments and prescribed fire to restore conifer encroached aspen stands, whitbark pine stands,& salvage bug-killed timber. This project is now subject to the predecisional administrative review (objection) process.

Oil and Gas Leasing Decision in Portions of the Wyoming Range -- Supplemental Analysis

The 2011 decision not to authorize leasing was withdrawn to allow further analysis. A new Draft Supplemental EIS is expected in October of 2014 with a Final SEIS and decision in 2015. The new decision will be subject to the Pre-decisional Administrative Review (Objection) Process (36 CFR 218).

Riley Ridge Unit Development (Forest Service Portion)

Authorization of further development of one existing gas well and construction of approximately 1,200 feet of buried pipeline.

SnowKing Mountain Aerial Adventure Course

Ropes course and treetop challenges including swinging bridges, nets, and zip lines.

Star Valley Front Vegetation Management

Prescribed burning of vegetation to restore a balance of age classes in the mountain shrub, big sagebrush, aspen, and conifer woodlands.

Teton to Snake Fuels Management

Fuels management such as prescribed fire and cutting and thinning of vegtetation for fire hazard reduction and restoration/maintenance of fire adapted ecosystems. Analysis type changed to EIS in 2013. EIS scoping comments most useful by April 1, 2013.

True Oil Lander Peak Exploratory Wells

True Oil proposes two exploratory wells -- one from an existing pad and one from a reclaimed pad location. A third well pad would be expanded to hold a freshwater reservoir. The scoping period was extended; comments were best received by 5/15/2012. Email comments can be sent to:

Upper Green River Area Rangeland

The 2004 decision was withdrawn; a revised Draft Supplemental EIS was released in June 2010; a Final SEIS and decision are expected in 2014. This project is now subject to the predecisional administrative review (objection) process (36 CFR 218).

Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Alkali Creek Feedground

Long term (up to 20 years) authorization for Wyoming Game and Fish Commission to continue to use facilities at the Alkali Creek feedground to conduct their winter elk feeding and related management programs. THIS DECISION WILL BE SUBJECT TO THE PRE-DECISIONAL OBJECTION PROCESS DESCRIBED AT 36 CFR 218.

Analysis Completed

Deer Creek Drive Power Line Burial

In order to replace an aging and failing electrical underground cable, Lower Valley Energy has requested to dig a trench on NFS lands to bury the cable. The ROW for this cable will be 1,007' long x 24" wide x 42" deep.

Horsethief Canyon Landfill Closure - Teton County

Closure of landfill on 18 acres of NFS land through re-shaping and re-capping of the landfill and construction of groundwater and landfill gas monitoring wells. To be eligible to object to the draft decision, specific comments must be submitted during the comment period on the project proposal.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Avalanche Reduction Expansion

Installation and use of a third Gazex exploder for avalanche control in the Headwall area.

Mosquito Creek/Swinging Bridge Dirt Bike Trails

Trail reconstruction and road obliteration in the Mosquito Creek and Swinging Bridge areas. Decision is for Mosquito Ck. area only.

Sherman Cattle and Horse Grazing Allotment

Reauthorization of livestock grazing on approximately 17,370 ac. The 9/26/2013 decision is subject to appeal (36 CFR 215); for details see the Record of Decision and legal notice.

Snake River Headwaters Forest Plan Amendment for Wild and Scenic Comprehensive River Management Plan

A Forest Plan Amendment creating goals, desired future conditions and standards for the management of recently designated wild and scenic rivers. When the amendment is approved, it will be incorporated into a Comprehensive River Management Plan (CRMP).

Supervisors Office/Jackson District Administrative Site Conveyance

Convey up to 11 acres of administrative land in Jackson, Wyoming and construct/remodel administrative buildings on the remainder of the site and other FS sites in the area. EA released October 2009. Supplement to EA released January 2012. Decision made May 4, 2012. Legal notice of decision published 5/8/2012; thus appeal filing period ends 6/22/2012.

Town of Afton Hydropower

Authorize the Town of Afton to use 8 acres of NF System Land to construct, operate and maintain a 225 kilowatt culinary water system hydroelectric project linked to the pre-existing town culinary system. Decision based on FERC's EA.

Whitebark Pine Planting 2014

Planting three areas totaling 205 acres with 49,500 whitebark pine seedlings: Gunsight Fire area, Hardscrabble Fire area and Salt Lick Fire area.

On Hold

Black Diamond Energy Well Reclamation

The Forest Service proposes to authorized Black Diamond Energy, LLC access via a special use permit to the Maki Creek 1 and Beamers Bluff 24-19 wells to initiate reclamation activities by removing existing facilities.

Dew Place/Bacon Creek OHV Trail Improvements

Trail Improvements for OHV use including construction of an OHV bridge and approximately half mile of new OHV trail, conversion of approximately two and half miles of road to OHV trail, and bringing an OHV trail up to standard.

Kemmerer Grazing and Rangeland Vegetation Managment

Authorization of grazing on 16 sheep allotments - Porcupine, Lower Salt, Buckskin Knoll, Lake Alice, Smiths Fork, Aspen Springs, Basin Ck, Devil's Hole, Elk Ck, Green Knoll, Indian Ck, Lake Mtn, Pole Ck, Sams Allen Ck, So Fontenelle, SpruceCk.


Middle Piney Lake Riparian Habitat and Road Access Improvement Project

Relocation of approximately the last mile of FS Road 10024 (Middle Piney Lake Rd.) out of the riparian area to a location just east of Middle Piney Ck. Plan to relocate the road has been dropped; the current plan is to repair the existing road.

Piney Creeks Vegetation Treatments

A variety of vegetation management treatments in the Piney Creek drainages over the next five to seven years. Currently collecting data in preparation for analysis.

Plains Exploration's Eagle Prospect and Noble Basin Oil and Gas Master Developement Plan

Field development MDP (up to 136 wells) DEIS released 12/10/2010. Comments received.

Project Archive

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