Bridger-Teton National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Clark Draw Riparian Exclosure

Construct approximately 400 feet of fence along Clark Draw to exclude cattle from the stream segment.

Dew Place/Bacon Creek OHV Trail Improvements

Trail Improvements for OHV use including construction of an OHV bridge and approximately half mile of new OHV trail, conversion of approximately two and half miles of road to OHV trail, and bringing an OHV trail up to standard.

Grazing Authorization for Muddy Canyon Allotment

Forest Service decided to close Temple Creek and Bunion Creek allotments. Proceeding with NEPA analysis on Muddy Canyon Allotment. Project previously titled "Grazing Authorization for Muddy Creek, Temple Creek, and Bunion Creek Allotments".

Grazing Authorization for Sweetwater, Blucher Creek and East Squaw Creek Cattle and Horse Allotments

Proposed reauthorization of grazing on the Sweetwater, Blucher Creek, and East Squaw Creek Cattle and Horse Allotments.

Green River Area Boat Ramp Improvement Project

Improve boat ramp condition and access at Lower Green River Lake, Dollar Lake, and relocations on the Green River. Submit comments to by March 21, 2016

Grover-Blaney Grazing Allotment Pond Development

Construction of up to three ponds to encourage greater livestock distribution in the grazing allotment.

Guided Bank Fishing

Providing up to three special use permits for commercial, guided, day-use bank fishing on non-wilderness segments of the Buffalo Fork River, Blackrock Creek, Spread Creek and Pacific Creek on the Blackrock Ranger District.

Horse Creek Riparian Restoration Project

Remove road fill and culverts from the end of FS Road 10112 to reduce negative impacts and improve stream function.

Labarge Creek Range NEPA

Continue to authorize livestock grazing within the Labarge Creek allotment in a manner that will continue to meet or move forest resources toward desired conditions identified in the Forest Plan while meeting other resource objectives.

LaBarge Creek Watershed Fish Passage and Culvert Replacement Project

Kemmerer Ranger District proposes to replace seven culverts and remove one constructed fish passage barrier in the LaBarge Creek Watershed for the purpose of improving fish passage, flood capacity, and road infrastructure improvement.

Middle Greys Motorized Travel

Creation of approx. 40 miles of motorized trail loop opportunities in 2 loops for vehicles less than 50" wide mostly by utilizing currently closed roads but also by converting low standard roads and by some trail construction.

Middle Piney Lake Dam Rehabilitation

Reconstruct the dam and road at Middle Piney Lake. Submit comments to by Dec. 17, 2015

Oil and Gas Leasing in Portions of the Wyoming Range in the Bridger-Teton National Forest

A decision on whether or not to authorize the Bureau of Land Management to lease 39,490 acres in the Wyoming Range for Oil and Gas exploration and development. The 2011 decision to not authorize leasing was withdrawn. DSEIS COMMENTS DUE 5/23/2016.

Old Indian Trail Maki Creek Crossing (formerly Maki Creek Trail Bridge)

The Forest Service proposes to construct a bridge for both recreation use and livestock crossing on the Old Indian Trail at the Maki Creek stream crossing.

Skyline Wildland Urban Interface Fuels Reduction

Fuels reduction treatments with equipment & prescribed burning. The treatments will reduce the risk of high severity wildfire and increase public and firefighter safety.

South Cottonwood Creek Road and Trailhead Flood Damage Restoration

Realign the stream channel in order to reduce flooding of the road and trailhead at South Cottonwood Creek.

Teton to Snake Fuels Management

Fuels management, such as, prescribed fire and cutting and thinning of vegtetation for fire hazard reduction and restoration/maintenance of fire adapted ecosystems. Analysis type changed to EIS in 2013. DEIS available August 2015.

True Oil Lander Peak Area Exploratory Proposal

True Oil has submitted the Lander Peak Exploration Proposal for two exploratory wells; one from an existing pad and one from a reclaimed pad. There was a 2012 comment period; a second comment period in 2015 has been added.

Upper Green River Area Rangeland

Forest Service proposes to reauthorize cattle and horse grazing on six allotments containing about 170,000 acres in the Upper Green River area. A Final EIS and draft decision are expected in 2016.

Analysis Completed

2011 - Oil and Gas Leasing on 44,720 acres in the Wyoming Range in the Bridger-Teton National Forest

The 2011 decision on this project was withdrawn to allow for additional environmental analysis. To access and comment on the new DSEIS, please go to

Cottonwood Lake Dam Spillway

Lower the dam's spillway by 3 feet.

Dime and Mystery Lakes Fisheries Restoration Project

Authorize Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. to use rotenone to remove introduced trout species from Dime Lake and Mystery Lake in the Teton Wilderness.

Greater Snow King Area Trails (formerly Skyline Trail/Putt Putt Extension)

Trail construction, reconstruction, and changes in use involving the Putt-putt trail, KC and Josie's Ridge trails, and Game Ck. trail; construction of Skyline trail; see Decision Memo for specifics of the final decision.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Suite of Projects

Creation/improvement of mountain features/facilities including ski runs, lifts, snow making, avalanche control and summer trails, all of which have received conceptual approval as part of the updated Master Development Plan.

Labarge Vegetation Restoration

Combination of mechanical treatments and prescribed fire to improve the health of forested stands, salvage dead and dying trees, enhance wildlife habitat, reduce fuels, and remove hazard trees along roads. It also adds six miles of existing routes.

Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Alkali Creek Feedground

Long-term authorization for the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission to continue to use the facilities at the Alkali feedground on National Forest System land to conduct winter elk feeding and related management programs.

On Hold

Kemmerer Grazing and Rangeland Vegetation Managment

Authorization of grazing on 16 sheep allotments - Porcupine, Lower Salt, Buckskin Knoll, Lake Alice, Smiths Fork, Aspen Springs, Basin Ck, Devil's Hole, Elk Ck, Green Knoll, Indian Ck, Lake Mtn, Pole Ck, Sams Allen Ck, So Fontenelle, Spruce Ck.

Riley Ridge Unit Development (Forest Service Portion)

Authorization of further development of one existing gas well and construction of approximately 1,200 feet of buried pipeline.


Grazing Authorization for Raid Lake, Cross Lake, and East Fork Allotments

Raid Lake,Cross Lake and East Fork allotments were closed to livestock grazing. This project has been cancelled.

Hobble Creek Road Crossing

Cancelation of previously proposed design. Will conduct maintenance.

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