Carson National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

14D Mountain Bike Trail

Construction of 3.2 miles of flow track mountain bike trail within the special use permit boundary of Taos Ski Valley (TSV).

Kiowa-San Cristobal Wildland Urban Interface

A wildland urban interface project that will reduce existing hazardous fuel conditions and improve habitat, range, and resource conditions.

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative Palo Flechado Pass Fiber Optic Installation

Underground installation of fiber optic line along approximately 1.7 miles of US Highway 64, ending near Palo Flechado Pass. The line will connect service from Taos to the community of Angel Fire.

Red River Town Park Restoration

A special use permit to improve fish habitat through installation of in-stream structures and other measures in a section of the Red River. The paved trail of Red River Town Park will be expanded and accessible fishing piers will be installed.

Under Analysis

2015 Green Fuelwood Areas

Four green fuelwood cutting areas near communities to meet local need. Valid permit holders would be authorized to cut and remove marked fuelwood or other forest products.

Ancones Mutual Domestic Water and Waste Water Consumers Association Tank

Installation and use of one 40,000 gal (18 ft dia, 20 ft tall) welded steel storage tank, including 490 ft of 3 in inlet and 6in outlet underground piping, re-enforced concrete foundation, and 15 ft access on either side of water line trench

Canjilon Lakes Forest Health and Sanitation Project

The purpose of this project is to reduce the risk to human life and safety in the Canjilon Lakes recreation area. There is a need to reduce the risk of hazard trees from falling on recreationists and structures throughout the campgrounds.

Citizens Ditch Diversion

A water control structure (headgate) is proposed to be installed across the Red River at the Questa Citizens Ditch Association's point of diversion.

Continental Divide National Scenic Trail-Martinez Canyon and Mesa de Las Viejas

Complete the re-route analysis for the last two segments of the CDT on the Canjilon Ranger District.

Deer Creek Complex Allotment Drift Fence

Construction of a drift fence across the Deer Creek Complex and Goose Creek Allotment boundary to inhibit livestock moving onto private land adjoining the Bull-of-the-Woods Pasture.

El Rito Canyon Landscape Restoration Project

To move ecological conditions in El Rito Canyon to desired conditions, improve forest health and resilience, and reduce potential wildfire hazard to wildland urban interface (WUI) area containing the community of El Rito on approximately 62,000 acres

Energen Resources Corporation Oil and Gas Production Facility Special Use Authorization

The Forest Service is proposing to issue a special use permit to Energen Resources Corporation (Energen)for the purpose of occupying National Forest System lands to drill four off lease natural gas wells by expanding an existing Energen well pad.

Forest-wide Outfitter-Guide Permit Issuance

Issue new and reissue expiring 10-year permits for outfitter-guide services on the Carson National Forest. Permits would be issued based on the need and capacity within individual geographic areas.

Rio Costilla Terminal Fish Barrier

A 98.4-foot-wide permanent fish passage barrier is proposed along Rio Costilla. Connected actions include the realignment of approximately 850 feet of Forest Road 1950, and the installation of riprap to control erosion.

Rio Trampas

A collaborative project to improve forest and watershed health on lands managed by the Camino Real RD, Carson NF; BLM, Taos Field Office; and Picuris Pueblo within the Rio Trampas watershed. Provide fuelwood and forest products to local communities.

Supplement to the Final EIS for Invasive Plant Control Project

A supplement to the Final EIS for Invasive Plant Control Project on the Carson and Santa Fe National Forests to disclose, review, and assess additional information.

Tio Gordito Project

Improve resiliancy and restore desired conditions in ponderosa pine forests using mechanical treatments and prescribed burning.

Tri-State Taos to Black Lake Transmission Line Access

Approval of 2010 proposed plan, including access across NFS lands. *This project was previously named "Tri State Transmission Line Vegetation Management Plan". Vegetation management within the transmission line right-of-way has been dropped.*

Upper Bitter Creek Project

Project will address forest and watershed health issues, improvements to wildlife habitat, provide traditional use forest products, maintain heathy vegetation characteristics that allow resistance to wildfire, insect and disease outbreaks.

Upper Rio San Antonio

Improve stream and wetland conditions along the Upper Rio San Antonio by restoring bank and riparian meadow vegetation, stabilizing eroding areas, creating fish habitat, constructing a fish barrier to protect native species and upland water sources.

Williams Four Corners, LLC (WFC) Special Use Authorization, Oil and Gas Pipeline

The Forest Service is proposing to approve an application for a special use authorization, submitted by WFC. The special use authorization would allow WFC to operate and maintain an existing natural gas pipeline and associated infrastructure system.

WPX Energy Production, LLC Water Pipeline and Buried Electrical System

The Forest Service is proposing to authorize WPX Energy Production, LLC (WPX) to construct, operate, and maintain a salt water disposal pipeline and buried electrical transmission system.

Analysis Completed

Laguna Seca, Valencia, and Vaqueros Grazing Allotments

Grazing management and re-authorization of term grazing permits.

On Hold

Lama Communication Site Authorization

Issue authorizations for existing facilities including re-issuing expired authorizations and analyzing and potentially authorizing improvements installed without prior authorization. Site is designated for these uses in the Carson Forest Plan.

New Mexico Gas Company Authorization

Issue to a new owner a special use authorization for existing gas distribution improvements, and analyze the installation of additional pipeline through the National Forest in the Red River area and minor improvements to existing infrastructure.

Sagebrush Habitat Improvement Project

Proposing to use prescribed burning, mechanical treatments, and herbicide as methods of treatment in sagebrush habitat.

San Cristobal Treatment Center Guiding Authorization

Issue a prioirty use permit to an existing guiding business currently operating under a temporary use permit. The service consists of day and overnight backpacking, camping, horseback riding, mountain biking, and fishing trips.

Santos Grazing Allotment

Permit adjustment of season of use. *Project placed on hold due to comments received during comment period.*

Project Archive

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